Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Not much happened in January. My mailbox is empty and sad. But I got new stamps:)

Now I just need letters to have where to stick them!
It was my Birthday in January. From my dad I got a scanner+printer+xero. I will be able to scan my letters before sending them now. I'm so glad because so many of my letters got lost last year. I had to write them all from beginning. Which is fine for me but not if it happens again and again. I started to get frustrated and wished for scanner so I would just re-send same letter. What do you do when your letters get lost? Do you have copies of them somewhere or you write totally new one?

My friends brought me these envelopes from their trip to Berlin. Nice, huh?:)

I started this project from new year. I saw it in Bubbles blog (who saw it in someone else's blog I think:P). Anyway, I thought it would be perfect thing to do for me. Last year wasn't very good to me and January seemed no better. I write down all good things that happen to me and put them in this jar. It turns out it's getting filled so maybe January wasn't really that bad:) In the end of the year I will open it and read all the happy sheets of paper from the inside and even if (though I hope otherwise:)) I will think my year was bad, I will know there was some happiness in it too:)