Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wanna talk abou snail mail?

For most of us in the "penpalling world", writing letters is a real life passion. Yet, everyone has their preferences and opinions according letters and their ways of writing. If you'd like to discuss all the issues related with snail mail, there's a new forum Letter Writer's Circle Long Letter's Lovers. Feel free to check it out by clicking the image below and join =D

If you'd like to read more about the place I live in, check Panpalling and Letters blog. I've been a guest blogger there with an article Corners of Warsaw ^.^

Using the occasion that I'm "advertising", I'd like to attract your attention to STORIES FROM MEXICO blog where an artist, Kiki, presents her amazingly beautiful and colorful works, together with great stories.

Have fun reading =)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

100 reasons to snail mail #7


We have already agreed that through letters you can get to know foreign countries and cultures. There are no doubts about that. But you can also get to know your own country better! Penpals are curious people;) They will surely ask lots of questions about your country, like you do about theirs. Some answers are obvious. Others not necessarily. You’d have to check the information in the Internet, books, maybe even do some research to give the answers your panpals are awaiting. Because you wouldn’t say you don’t know something about your own country, right?;) So you might need to dig for the information about your city, famous places in your country, famous people, history, the origins of holidays, legends, statistics, curiousities…

Sometimes your penfriends, after you mention something in your letter, might get concerned about it, it being something ‘different’, weird, specific to your country only, and you would never even realize it without your penpals observation being made.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kreativ Blog Award

Aida from Aida Goes Artsy honoured me with Kreativ Blogger Award. Yay! :D If you don't know her blog yet, you have a chance to check it out now, just click the link above. She makes really beautiful FB's!:)

Rules Of The Award:

List 10 facts about yourself, tag 10 other bloggers, and tell them about the award! 

1.  I am obsessed with checking my mail box. I do it every time I pass through a gate to my home, which is couple of times a day. Even when there's no more chance I'll find something there due to a late hour or being a weekend, I still peek in there couple of times. When I was little I was even checking my friends mail box whenever I came to visit her. Not out of curiousity or my rudeness, but just out of a habit. She had this mail box with a flap, just like mine:P

2. I never remember what I lent to whom. So if someone doesn't give me back my money, books... etc. out of their own will, I am going to live in an unconcious happiness not knowing I lost anything:P

3. I feel best in my sneakers and jeans. When I have to wear formal clothes, I immediately have bad mood and lower self esteem O.o

4. I am always sleepy and tired around 4 pm. A crisis hour?

5. I can't stand snoring. I can't fall asleep if I hear it. I can't even stay in a room with a snoring person because I get really angry. I think I would even be able to leave a guy if he was snoring:P

6. I sometimes talk to myself if noone is around:P

7. I like reading books in foreign language aloud, if I'm at home of course.

8. I prefer freshwater than sea fish. I don't mind them having looots of fishbones. For many years I didn't eat carnivorous fish because I once found a little fish inside the bigger one when cleaning it.

9. I don't eat red meat for 8 years. First it was because of ideological reasons but now I just couldn't swallow it because my organism disaccustomed itself of it's taste. And I actually feel better without it.

10. I am an atheist but I celebrate Christmas and Easter because I consider them traditions more than religious events and I couldn't imagine dropping them. Moreover a big part of my family is religious so I also celebrate together with them, in respect of their beliefs.

I pass the award to:
Bursts of Bubbles whose blog definitelly deserves to be called Kreativ
Penpalling & Letters which is tottaly dedicated to penpalling topics and it would be nice to hear something about it's owner;)
Jo-Annes Ramblings let's hear some more new ramblings from her;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

100 reasons to snail mail #6


When you write a letter, you need to describe your little world to a friend who can’t see it him/herself. You need to choose the right words to write about yourself, your life, your surroundings, thoughts and memories. Letters come and go all the time, so it’s a constant “task”. Therefore, you constantly exercise and strengthen your writing skills! Not only the way to describe things, but also the right structure of the sentences, the right spelling of the words, the speed of writing. Have you ever thought that a common person’s hand would hurt veeery quickly because it’s been too long time since they actually held a pen in their hand?;) It might turn out a very useful skill some day:) You also might have less problems with writing school essay, a story or a letter on a language test!;) You write about different issues all the time so when the need comes, you shouldn’t have troubles with gathering your thoughts. 

Sooo, what are you waiting for?
Grab a pen and write a letter!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

100 reasons to snail mail #5


However weird this reason sounds, penpalling teaches geography. If you have penpals in foreign countries you can hear about the place they live in, places they've been to, check them on the map, hear the details... learn about fauna and flora typical in their country, the climate, the natural disasters that occure there. Of course you can learn many of these things in your geography lessons, in the TV, Internet etc. but isn't it more interesting to hear them from the "eyewitness"? Have you ever noticed that despite lectures about climate in school, we still imagine some countries to be hot or snowy all year long while the truth is totally different? Penpalling helps to break these "stereotypes". It's easier to remember what's typical for some region if you hear about it from a friend than if you read pure facts in a book, it's easier to remember places if you hear some story connected with them. Snail mail concerns also postcrossing. By swapping postcards with people all around the world you can get to know places you've never even heard about and see things you wouldn't even hit on an idea to search for. So, you see, penpalling can be pretty educational;)

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Have a nice mail day!

Maybe, you can never be sure, there'll be knock (knock knock)
ring, (ring ring)
Letters through your door! he he!

Monday, May 9, 2011

People I ♥... Corinne!

As people show sometimes in their blogs their admiration for people they love, I thought to introduce my biggest love, my godess, gorgeous and owning the sweetest voice in the entire world (don't argue with me about it;P)

Corinne Bailey Rae♥

The first song of her's I ever heard was her first single Put Your Records On after which I imediatelly fell in love with her^^ This song and the video always make me smile and warm my heart.

Another song which I must show you because I love it so much as well and together with the video is extraordinary is If I Don't, which Corinne sings with another great artist Amp Fiddler. What do you think of this video?;)

And one more song, from her last CD - Paris Nights/ New York Mornings

Isn't she gorgeous?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

100 reasons to snail mail #4

I didn't make "100 reasons" post last weekend as usually (sorry for that), not because I ran out of reasons;) but because I was in my heaven and then had a busy rest of the week. But here I am, back with the new reason to snail mail which is...


Penpalling means also the Art of Mail. Letters and people behind them inspire to make something by yourself or create something new. You might design your own stationery, paint or draw something, make stamps, write a poem or a story, take some artistic photograph, make handmade thingies that match in the envelope… cards, earrings, crotchet stuff, dreamcatchers, bookmarks, origami… the list is endless. It doesn’t mean you have to have talent, but it means you might have thousands of new ideas, bigger imagination, learn to make new things and become creative. If you look around the penpalling world, everyone, in one way or another, is creative!

Because penpalling arouses imagination and creativity!

If you're into penpalling and want to share your experiences in your blog according today's reason, please link back here and make a comment that you made an entry :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A giveaway goes to...

First of all, I would like to thank all who took part in my little givaway and for all the lovely comments about the envelopes. Thay made me very happy and I really appreciate that^.^

How the selection went... First I wrote the names of the participants on pieces of paper.

Then I put them in a box.

I closed the box. Shook it. And with my eyes closed took out one piece of paper and on it was written...

This way the envelopes go to Sandbook! :)