Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ayo envelopes



  1. These a wonderful I love them.......

  2. Very original, and I loved the first one very much! I have been listening to some of her songs a few weeks ago and I like them a lot. :)

  3. Thank you Jo-Anne and Joana:)
    Aww, I'm happy you liked her songs. I'm speading her joyful music around and if someone likes it it brings me joy too:D "Ayo" means joyful, you know:)

  4. I remember you talking about her recently with so much emotion, I liked a lot the way you were moved. Her music's a bit too soft for me, but she definately is a very beautiful woman.

    But wow, I need to say I like your blog a lot. It's so... cosy. That's the right word.:*

  5. Thanks for the lovely package which I received a while back.

    I ended up watching kite runner after what you said but with having read the book first I couldn't take to it... the characters selected seemed wrong for the part and they didn't seem good enough. I loved the switch though between Farsi and English.
    I'm really curious to know what you think when you read the book

  6. I love these homemade envelopes! I'm always collecting papers and ideas to make them :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Regarding your question about paper tags, I have made them all hand-cut, I have 7 or 8 templates.. Even though I know it could have been easier using a tag punch I love spending time with my papers haha.