Friday, January 27, 2012

Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson

The first book that I read this year was... Moominland Midwinter by Finnish author Tove Jansson. Surprisingly, Moomins are not known everywhere but in Poland this was very popular cartoon when I was a kid. Somewhere inside, although the number of candles on birthday cake is growing dangerously, I am still a kid and love fairytales. And Moominland Midwinter is just perfect story for this time of the year.

Moomins fall into winter hibernation each year but this time the Moomintroll wakes up suddenly in the middle of the winter and cannot fall asleep anymore. His family sleeps soundly, Snufkin is gone till spring and the world outside is... lost under the deep duvet of snow. Reading this story is like discovering winter once again because that's what Moomintroll does, only he does it for the first time in life. Lonely at first, he soon becomes accompanied by a bunch of little creatures and animals that come to his house in search for shelter... and strawberry jam. Moomintroll, in the beginning miserable about the winter, slowly accustoms to it and maybe even starts to like it. Sounds nice, huh?:)

I have also made quite a discovery (that is probably nothing new to those who read Moomins stories but it is new to me). As a kid I only watched the cartoon and never read the books before. Now who watched it too, put your hands up if you were scared of The Groke!

Turns out this scary Groke, my childhood fear is not a bad creature. She's just lonely! She looks for warmth but wherever she comes everything freezes. No wonder noone wants to be close to her. Poor Groke:( *hug*


  1. Ok, what is going on? 2 posts in 2 days?!!!! I love it!!!

  2. Thanks:) Well, I'm just occasionally regular blogger.

  3. I loved watching moomins on TV as a child too and always wished that I lived somewhere like that as it always looked so magical and green but of course I've got the green but dull ness. I recently read a book which I got as a birthday present and really enjoyed it as I never realised that there was a meaning behind each one.

  4. I recently received a postcard with what I thought was a lovely hippo. Turns out it's a Moomin. Am touched. Someone thought I should have one. :) I want to thank them all over again. Mail allows us to learn about other cultures. It makes me smarter. :)

  5. @Bubbles which one did you get?:)

    @Limner Never too late to become acquainted with Moomins:D