Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mail shopping

I had such a nice day today! I met a friend and we went for sushi, then for hot chocolate and then to the cinema:) In the meantime we bumped into a new bookstore with cheap books:D I even bought one for 9 zł (around 2 EUR) but we didn't have much time so I will yet come back there;)

Before we met I went into another bookstore and for the first time ever I found deco tapes in Poland!:D I was so excited about it. I bought 5 but I think I'll go back for the rest available designs soon:P

I also bought cute muffin stamps. It's not easy to get those in my country either so I got even more excited to find those:D I actually saw them before but I thought they're stickers and the price seemed too high for stickers to me:P

I bought etiquetts for school notebooks which I'll use as address labels and put on envelopes.

And some stickers.

I also bought a book so I got 2 new ones today... it's too hard to fight my addiction.

Couple of days ago I went to the supermarket in hope to find some stationery as 2 weeks ago was the beginning of new school year and on this occasion there's always some new stuff. But it was already too late and the choice wasn't big:( I couldn't go before the beginning of school as I planned because I had a twisted leg. But anyway I chose something from the leftovers and I think I can't complain:)

I hope you had a lovely Friday as well:)


  1. ASDFGASDFGASDF!! Que cosas tan bonitas!! *o* lucky you!! Me encantó el diseño del primer decotape!! *v* buenísimas compras!! X3

  2. great stuff! Here in Italy it's always hard to find any kind of coloured paper!:-/

  3. I love everything you bought :), its nice when you have the option to choose yourself what to buy. Craft supplies are so easy to buy for me to a point now, there are still some things that I'd love but can't get just yet. Letter sets etc... are just not something that I can buy at all here but at least I can get them online.

    I used to buy things as I saw them incase I never saw them again with things being so limited but now I kind of regret that as I haven't found a use for them or they aren't quite my taste but I'm now trying my hardest to use what I have but there are still times when I can't help going to the craft shop and buying something else which I use instantly as its something that I want.

  4. @Sharon, el primer deco tape es tambien mi favorito:)

    @Manuela, here is the same, that's why I get so excited when I finally do find something:)

    @Bubbles, I buy things in case I won't see them again actually. Many times I was thinking if I should buy something because the price was high or I wasn't sure if I really want it, but when I decided I do want it, it wasn't already available. So I take everything now:P

  5. Cute things you bought there! :) When I visited my penpal in Poland in 2004 I bought a TON of stationery and other cool things. :)
    I also use those clear stamps, they're cool! :D And I also love your deco tape! I haven't found any cute deco tape where I live - yet.

    Greetings from the US,
    Alex :)

  6. The deco tapes are so beautiful and I love the muffin stamps :D

  7. These pads are SO cute! I wish i could find things like that here! And love the decotapes!

    - K.