Monday, November 19, 2012

Little pleasures Monday

 It wasn't any special day, just a normal Monday but I have a new bath. The old one was leaking so I never used it. I was just always taking shower and it's been years since I actually took a bath. So it is real attraction for me now! You can't imagine how big! And then those wasabi peanuts. When I first tried one, I spilled it out. It seemed so awful. But then I ate some more and I started to love them. Me, who never liked spicy food. Those two little things made my day today and I thought of all little pleasures on a such a non-special day, the worst day of a week actually, Monday...
  1. a long bubble bath
  2. wasabi peanuts
  3. a Vietnamese film (The Scent of Green Papaya)
  4. a bowl of spinach
  5. two chapters of Lolita (read in a bath)
 What little pleasures did you have today?

This one never reached it's destination. Not that I want to spoil a positive post:P I just won't make a separate post for this lonely envelope.


  1. Hahaha, you must have been surprised with the taste of wasabi! lol We usually eat it together with raw fish, but you have to be careful not to put too much of it. :D

    My pleasures yesterday were (1)train reservation this weekend for a hiking trip, (2)ginger milk tea and (3)chocolate cookies. It was one of these nice quiet day. :)

    Have a nice day!

    1. I tried wasabi earlier with sushi. But that's a different case... And yeah, actually when I first tried the green peanut, I was surprised but it was because I didn't know what taste it is because it was a mix of peanuts in a pub. I had to eat some more because we tried to guess the taste with my friends and it was actually me who guessed right in the end:D

      Have fun on a trip:D

    2. OMG, ginger milk tea sounds RAD! Your wasabi story reminds me of a friend who tried those peanuts at my place, so she ate some during a flight and almost choked, then she cursed me all the way to America ^0^ My little pleasures today were ~ getting a letter, making a new blog header (it's not perfect, but it fits better size-wise), eating a pomegranate while watching a silly show with hubby, gossiping with my best friend after a very bizarre conference ^.^

      It's such a nice idea to make such a post on Monday! I wasn't exactly looking forward to this week, but it turned out ok and I think one of the reasons was me looking out for little pleasures ^^ Hope your days are full of those ^0^

  2. You are brave, both of you! I once got Wasabi paste on my plate in a Japanese restaurant (in Spain) and I didn't succeed in eating more than half of it... Since then there's a little, er, sort of Wasabi-fear inside of me :-)

    A bowl of spinach, yummy! And thanks for sharing your other little pleasures!
    Snowangel, enjoy your trip!

    A little pleasure I had last Monday was the snail mail I received from my postcard-pal (which I always think a big pleasure!).

    Today I had a day off and went on my bicycle to do some shoppings (cycling I think a pleasure, too), and on the street there were fallen yellow maple leaves, which inspired to create some mail art. So I took a leaf with me. And thinking about how to turn this leaf into some snail-mailable post, to send it to someone in Canada (the land of the red maple leaf), feels like a pleasure, too! (Next step is trying to get some time to do it; despite of the day-off it was a very busy day, but when I'll finally succeed in making that mail, it'll be a little big pleasure - Wednesday, is that o.k. for you, too? :-)

    1. Sure, every day is good for little pleasures! :D I hope you show what you came up with that leaf in your blog;) It sounds intriguing.