Saturday, October 9, 2010

Letters letters

I had no letters for almost three empty weeks, but “bad times” passed away in the end of this week, when I got four letters in just two days! Such a joy :D I wonder if the letters prefer to travel in groups, because it happens quite often that I have nothing to reply to and then several letters come at one time. Does that happen to you?


Plus, I had my first Russian class today and my new teacher seems to be better than the last one. I really like how Russian language sounds. And my Spanish classes start next week, I’m already excited! I wish my brain could adopt languages faster, I have few more on my wish list.

Just a note in languages that I know or learn.

My name and the name of my penpal in Japanese.


  1. I have the same problem in that I won't have any post for weeks and then all of a sudden I have loads which makes it hard to reply to too.

  2. *o* The stamps! The doll! I like your handwriting =)

    *v* Ohhh, I liked the stamp from Finland, what are those things? Rings?

    Good luck in your classes! ;D

  3. Thank you:) I think these are rings too.

  4. Oh yeah, three weeks, it's the same with me, no real letters since forever... But I still have some to reply to, so at least I won't die of complete withdrawal ^.^ You have such a neat handwriting... My handwriting in Russian sucks pretty much, I don't know why, maybe because I write the least in Cyrillic letters... I wish you good luck with Russian lessons ^^ It's important to have a good teacher that will keep up your inspiration ^^

  5. It happens to me a lot. When I was at home without anything especial to do, I would wait all days endlessly for a letter, I would wait for the time to the mailman to come to see if something was for me... and nothing. Suddenly someday letter would start to arrive in group! I guess it happens because when we go to the post-office we (most of the time) carry more than one letter. Then they take pretty much the same time to one group of countries and the others and then our penpals must take a similar time to reply and post...

    Now that I work I have an amount of mail to answer... well the excuse isn't the work but the way I am feeling, kind of sick, seems a virus is around and everyone is with stomachache at work.

    But now I wait more calmly for my mail, time seems to pass so quickly that when I get a letter I think "already? when did she told it would be sent?".


  6. I thougth about this group sending letters to be a possible reason but I actually don't do that. I have post office close to my home, 10 minutes walk, so I just go there with one or two ready letters, not more. Still, they come in groups... I'm not complaining of course:)