Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Night's Breath



and the other side


  1. Actually I also wanted to publish from time t time some photos of nice envelopes I get and send, I was going to ask you that in my next letter. May I? I love the way you decorate them. Recently I saw somewhere one decorated with coffee! Wanna try? It abstract drops thrown in the envelope and it's art! I am thinking to follow the idea and next time send an envelopes made with apple peels :)

  2. Sure, you can:) Wow, nice idea with coffee:) The idea with apple peels is really interesting but I can't imagine how... would you dry the peels?

  3. I was joking... I also liked the coffee one, because after it is dry it's no problem, it looked like India ink, actually here in Portugal we call it China Ink, and as far as I know it belongs to China, maybe I am wrong, once I read it comes from a place in China called Nanquim. I was looking for the right name to translate it, maybe I am wrong... who cares?

    I guess I'll try the coffee thing soon (:

  4. Haha, okay, I am being naive sometimes:P
    Waiting to the results of coffee envelopes, if it won't go to me, I hope you'll post a photo somewhere:)

  5. Haaaa °u° cute envelopes! Thanks for mine ^^
    I'm working on your letter, I have many things to tell you ;)

  6. I love decorated envelopes but its disappointing when they get crushed in the post or people throw them away so I just stick to plain white envelopes with decorative tapes for the edges. Still its nice to see what others do :)

  7. What Bubbles said is true, sadly. I can't complain too much about it, but there are a couple of countries to where I am afraid to send beautiful handmade envelopes, that normally catch attentions for the colors, because most of the times they disappeared, so for while I had to send normal envelopes with any cute design to check and none disappeared. It's very sad that such things happens but at least I'm sure it isn't in all the countries and to most it's face enough to send whatever I want.

    Still, there's something people need to be aware, to close very well the envelopes, if you work in one you need to close it with resistant glue or adhesive tape. Especially hand painted envelopes, since water turns the paper less resistant, even after dried, it open easily.