Saturday, December 24, 2011

This and that and Merry Christmas

I vanished. I had vacation. I was sick, tired, busy. I was writing letters. I was reading books. I needed a break from blogging. I am not the most regular blogger anyway:P But I am back to wish to all who celebrates Christmas - Happy Holidays and to those who don't but have free time - Happy Free Time=)

I haven't painted any envelopes lately but I had the lovely daisy parchment envelopes. The only problem is they're transparent but on the other hand I think it makes a nice effect.

Two letters to me got lost:_( Which made me very sad and nervous about letters on their way to and from me:S I hope it won't happen again:(

On a happier note, I bought new stamps, yay:D

These are this years' Christmas stamps in Poland.

I made few Christmas cards but quit it quickly as I'm not good at it at all:S I decided to show them here anyway because someone was curious about them=)

I am listening much to Marilyn Manson nowadays as I'm reading his biography but it's not the best Christmas theme I guess:P But in my last post TheSnailMailer suggested a very nice singer - Alison Krauss. Thanks:) She has a sweet voice.

I've also found a secret in Post Secret that I like and sais what I think as well.

Therefore, I sent Christmas cards to my friends whenever they celebrate it or not. I would be happy of any good wishes from whichever occasion myself so I don't get the whole offending thing... good wishes have only good intentions behind them, right? Make love, not war;) Merry Christmas!:)


  1. WOW!Poland`s Christmas stamps really cute!
    Taiwan only issued Chinese lunar year stamp!

  2. I think the cards are fine nothing wrong with them at all, I think there are some really nice postage stamps around we get some really nice ones here in Aus..........

  3. Wheeeheeee! Have a lovely Christmas, Hannukah, Winter Solstice and Kwanza too and all the best in the new year ^0^ I totally agree about the wishes, people shouldn't be hurt by kindness! Yeah, what's wrong with your cards?? I think they're totally lovely ^.^ Did you draw the little snowman by yourself?

  4. The cards you made are really nice! You have more talent than you think. ^^

  5. Merry Christmas or Fijne Kerst in Dutch!! May all your wishes come true! And I am looking forward to our contact in 2012 :-) Hugs

  6. As I get everything weighted at the post office I feel really disappointed that they just stick a huge sticker on... its actually one of the reasons I don't make a huge effort in decorating my envelopes as they have no consideration for what I've done and just want to get their job done quickly.

    As for your Christmas cards I love them, I would never have thought of using something that didn't represent a circle for a bauble/tinsel so I'll have to think about that next time. I also love the paper you used... I personally would have been happy with them :)

  7. Everything is super cute! stamps, cards, those transparent envelopes are so cool! XD

    Merry Christmas my dear Agasita ;D
    Your letter with birthday present is almost ready! ;D

  8. Thank you all for the wishes and all^^ Haha, and thanks for saying nice things about the cards, I don't think they're totally ugly but in comparison to cards that I've seen others made these look poor:P
    @tanuki Yes, I drew the snowman:)
    @Bubbles, I actually think this sticker your post office sticks is really cool!

  9. The envelope is super beautiful. Once I got a similar, also transparent. They just have a problem, the material they are made with isn't that good to glue things, the stamps were almost falling, one of the stamps with the cats fell. The Christmas card was beautiful! Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas my dear and to everyone!

  10. Oh-oh:( Good to know. When I was sending it the stamps seemed to stick well.

  11. Wow, the envelopes are so preety! And I didn't know that Polish Post produces such beautiful stuff...the Christmas song you have posted is one of the few that make me cry (just a bit):)

  12. That's because usually there's not big choice of stamps in post offices, you have to order them through Internet;) I like this song too, it's beautiful:)