Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Was it her or not?

Today nothing connected with penpalling. When I was going to work in the morning I passed a lady on the bridge and our eyes met. Was it my Polish teacher from primary school or not? I had doubts so I said nothing although 'hello' was on the tip of my tongue. Some people's features are so undeniable that you'd recognize them after years without batting an eyelid while an image of others covers with mist as time goes by... it would't hurt to greet a stranger in the street but before I made my mind to open my mouth the lady already passed and went her way. But a memory of my Polish teacher came back to me. She was one of my favourites if not the favourite one in that school. I always liked reading so she liked me. We could get extra points if we read some additional books that weren't our lecture. We just had to write about it in a special notebook and give it to her to check. Of course I used that possibility. We wrote many esseys in her classes but she always gave interesting topics. As a part of discussing some lectures, we were performing short sketches or recording 'radio programs'. She was very encouraging and my head was full of stories at her times. When I stopped having classes with her, I stopped writing... My high school teacher was her total contradictory and I stopped enjoing Polish classes. I even think she was the reason to turn in other direction and choose the studies that weren't ment for me. I could say many bad things about that woman but I won't because today my memories are with her predecessor, who helped me develop my imagination and love for words - Ms. K.

Changing the topic, I discovered a new singer that made me have eargasm;P Seeing that he doesn't have many views in YouTube I assume he's not utterly popular... why?! Let me introduce my new music god - Andrew Bird:)


  1. I very rarely notice people but one day I was stood in the bank and there was a man that just looked so familiar I couldn't help staring and I didn't realise I was doing it. Well his wife was there too and ended up giving me such an evil look, it wasn't until she spoke that I realise that it was a neighbour... oops.

  2. It's sad how some teachers are so bad at their job, so they can make us stop loving something..

  3. On Andrew- the genre is blue grass/ gospel and it is considered back hill and old folks music in the USA. Alison Krauss is the goddess of it as well as the Soundtrack of Brother Where Art Thou is filled with updated versions of it, that I adore!

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  5. Just keep writting and the stories will come.
    I've had an enormous gap in fiction writting that lasted 6 years of my studies. I'm comming back to it with bliss.