Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Christmas "gift" from Polish Post Office :(

I'm very miserable after decision of Polish Post Office about new prices of stamps. Since 2013 they will be 100% higher for international mail:( We'll have one of the highest prices of stamps in Europe, while having one of lowest salaries.

Since I started penpalling over 3 years ago, for 2 years I was very pleased with Polish Post Office services. I had no problems with mail getting lost. But since last year they keep losing my mail (even within Poland). They don't take any responsibility for not-registered letters. And now this price increase for their shitty services?

The way they treat clients is insolent. They ignore all questions concerning the new prices and give no official statement about it.

I have just few penpals so maybe I won't bankrupt (because quitting writing with any of them is out of question). But I am pretty sure many of postcrossers from Poland will limit their activity. Fuck you very much Polish Post Office!



  1. Oh gaaaawd, this is awful!! I have the impression that there are only bad news about postal service all around the world T.T There will be two small changes for German snail mailers, but 100% increase??? Are they nuts?? I'm very sorry and I'd run amok if they did that here T0T

  2. °A°! What?! They're so fu**** crazy!

  3. This is really very bad.....India post also does the same and they don't give a damn about unregistered letters. Am I going to loose my pals from Poland? I hope you will continue to be my postcard pal.

  4. That's terrible! The postal service here in the UK isn't great either. They don't look after the mail sometimes, and I can't believe the prices! Most of my outgoing post is to my penpals in other countries so I don't expect the prices to be cheap but when I was posting my Christmas cards to the UK, I couldn't believe how much I had to pay for a stamp! I almost fainted! :o