Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas tree and mail

Uff, I'm stuffed with food. I ate too much for those two days! But how can you resist while there's so much good food around? How's your Christams going?:)

This is my Christmas tree. I love the scent of the tree in the house in Christmas time^^


My favourite decorations. Little angels:D

These I gave to my mum and aunt for Christmas. Inside were tickets to theatre. It was a surprise, they didn't expect it at all and were very happy^^ When my aunt saw the envelope she thought it's from the kids and contains some handmade card:P

This is what I made for mail art + mini letter exchange last month. I made the envelope of materials from the Warsaw Uprising museum and a lacy heart I once got from Maria Laura. I put inside a postcard (also from that museum) showing marriage during the uprising (of which I unfortunatelly forgot to take photo) so I made war + love theme. 

 Christmas envelope. I took a white envelope and glued a Christmas themed table napkin to it, added some deco tape on the edges. It was an experiment but the texture of the envelope turned out very nice. Easy way to make colorful envelopes if you don't have better idea or materials to decorate it;)

Unfortunatelly I didn't manage to send Christmas cards to everyone I wanted to before Christmas:( I am so scatterbrained, do everything too late. I barely managed to find a gift for my dad before holidays. Did you manage sending all your Christmas mail? Am I the only bad one?


  1. I'm still sending out Christmas cards too. So no, you're not the only "bad" one. ;)

  2. If you're stuffed it means you had a great time :). I managed to get all cards out apart from yours so I'm relieved to read that as it means you won't mind getting it a little late. Still do you celebrate on the 6th/7th of January? I didn't manage to post out all packages in the end but they will make nice new years gifts instead as we need cheering up even more then.

    1. No, I celebrate now:) Or 16th January but something else:P They celebrate Christmas on 7th January in Russia. But I don't mind:) I can make a private Russian Christmas celebration on 7th, hehe.
      No, wait, it's the Epiphany on 6th January. So let's say the Christmas cards still count:P

  3. Well, I too did not manage to send cards to everyone I intended to. So, you are not the only one.But I sent you a New Year card and I hope you will get it soon.

  4. Merry Christmas. Lovely Christmas tree!