Sunday, September 26, 2010

Street legends

Talking about Warsaw I could tell about  all the monuments and buildings but I’d rather  concentrate on something you can’t read in guides… which is famous buskers! Those who are stable element of the city life, who play every day in main places like for example in front of Metro Station in the city centre. When I walk there, there are always the same people, changing days… I wonder if they have some agreement who plays when…

Number 1 is Indians band. I think they are from Peru. They’re performing in Warsaw for many many years so they’re well recognized by everyone. Their music is amazing – it’s either calm, mysterious sounds or more energetic by which they also dance. They have Indians costumes and sell their own CD’s. It’s always a pleasure to listen to them.

Number 2 is an “Orchestra from Chmielna Street”. They usually play in the underpass by the metro. They play pre- and after-war songs that were popular in Warsaw at that time and are dressed in 50’s style. They’re the legend!


Number 3 is Mr. Witek aka Dude from Atlantis. I haven’t seen him under the metro for a long time, maybe he changed location. He is always dressed like a cowboy and sings these naughty songs. If you stop and look at him longer he might dedicate you one of them;P The guy is freaking funny, always talking with young people. He’s very famous, a few years ago he even was in jury in some program on MTV and performed in our Woodstock festival. OMG, he even is in Wikipedia;P


  1. What a great post! I wanted to do something similar, but our buskers here mostly suck or they don't really belong to the city... We have some weirdos of our own though... ^^ I believe Pan Witek is a celebrity ^.^ But I love the second band most, I love that kind of music and the clarinet is so nice ^.^ I like Indios music very much too, though I hate 'El condor pasa', suppose I've heard it too often... What is the building that is shown in the first video? It looks like some similar in Moscow that are called 'Stalin's buildings'...

  2. This building is the Palace of Culture and Science. It was Stalin's gift for Polish nation, built in early 50's. It's the highest building in Warsaw and it's one of city symbols. I now there are 7 of these in Moscow.
    I've never heard "El condor pasa" before. I just checked it and oh my gosh! I know this disco polo song (disco polo is the music Poles party to when drunk;P) that has this melody (they sometimes re-make foreign songs). I can't listen to "El condor pasa" with serious face now, having that Polish song in my mind.

  3. here is "el condor pasa"
    and here is what a polish band did to it:
    isn't it scary?;P

  4. Awwwww, it is incredibly scary! ^^ I've found a version with lyrics (gulgulgul ^^), but I only understood that Lubelski Full must be a beer and that the condor died (?) ^.^ It was interesting to discover the German word Pech ~ does it mean bad luck? Oh and they also used some parts from 'All that she wants' Ace of Base ^.^ I was their huge fan back then... Haha, pop culture is fascinating...

  5. Yay, I was a huge fan of Ace of Base too. Yes, the condor died and pech is bad luck :D And you understood well about beer. I understand some single words in Russian songs as well :D