Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Show me on a Tuesday... your 3 wishes

I have abandoned my blog lately but as Bursts of Bubbles came back with Show me Tuesdays I thought I'd take part in it again (you can too, just click the button below:) )


This week it is about showing three wishes, so I decided to write about more realistic little ones instead of big dreams that maybe will, maybe will not materialize.
  1. I wish I could make all variety of sushi. I am always doing the standard maki with salmon and avokado or cucumber. I once made the maki with nori inside and rice outside, it went out pretty well but... they were too big to fit in the mouth. So, I need to work on that. But there are so many other shapes and ingredients to add, I wish to learn to make them^^

2.  I wish to go to Ayo's concert. She has new songs and new concert tour. And she is having couple of concerts in Poland in June!!! I just don't know anyone else who listens to her music among my friends so I'm not sure if I'll find company to go with me, but I MUST GO !!!

3. I wish I could be reading faster than I buy books. So far it's the other way round. Will there ever be a day I'll have all books at home read?

I guess now I need to catch a gold fish... or get the things done myself ;)

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  1. Oh please, don't abandon your blog! I would miss it!! Geez, those fat slices of raw fish and omelette are to die for!! Oh, and the sea urchin, my special friend... yummm... I'm smiling now because I also only make those maki with salmon and cucumber, BUT I also make some with tuna/mayonnaise filling ^^ Good luck with learning! Have you ever made oshizushi? They're very easy ^^
    Awwww, how I can understand you about wanting to see Ayo ^0^ You MUST go!! Take this chance ^^ This song is absolutely awesome too and I don't get it why none of your friends isn't interested... Well, you could find a bunch of crazy fans to go as well ~ just like I did ^^
    Good luck with your books ^0^ I need to read more too ^^ But on the other hand, I don't like giving myself pressure about things like that... Then you won't be able to enjoy it... haha, the only solution would be buying less books ^.^

  2. I know I didn't post last week at all in the end, I intended to do one of my favourite places but it didn't stop raining since last Thursday so I had no hope of doing that. I have one for next week though as I was tagged to share what I wouldn't leave the house with so this is maybe something to think about if you'd like to take part :).

    I really hope your wishes come true, it doesn't matter how big or small a wish... or even silly it seems, if its meant to happen it will.

  3. @tanuki I haven't done the oshi sushi or nigiri, because I don't have forms :/ Well, I'd sooner find someone for Lady Gaga concert I guess :/ What bunch of crazy fans did you find? Haha.
    I try to buy less books but the bookstores just stand on my way when I least expect them :P

    @Bubbles Thank you^^
    Oh, I have some pics of my favourite places:) I'll surely take part:)

  4. My friend takes small baking forms for oshizushi, so it's possible without 'special equipment' ^^ And she makes nigiri with hands ^.^ I haven't tried that though... Lady Gaga? Poor you ^.^ Well, I'll see the play with about 10 other Maura fans from all over Europe... Since we'll be 11 on one evening, we will write 'We love Maura' each one holding a letter ^.^