Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leave counting calories for today...

... it's time for debauchery! It's Fat Thursday, last Thursday before the fast. In Poland we eat today...

... donuts

... and "faworki" (sorry, I don't know the English word, if it even exists)

Haven't eaten any yet? Quick, the day is almost over, at least one donut is a MUST ;)

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  1. Its so great to see a post from you again :D. That sounds like a great day, the faworki looks a lot like an asian savoury finger food called nimak pari... its made from dough and fried.

  2. I wrote a long comment and this piece of **** deleted it all when I clicked to post the comment... I'll do it later again *

  3. This donuts looks so yummi!! :) Did you make it? :)

  4. No, it's not my job, just an example of what we eat. Mostly people buy these but in the past my grandma used to make faworki herself.

  5. So... "faworki" really looks like "coscorões". We use to make them for Christmas. They are made with a basic baking dough (is "dough" the correct word?), we cut it in strips, then we boil it in oil and after that they get a little more hard to bite and in the end there are two ways. I learned to pass them through a mix of cinnamon and sugar but there are people who make a sugar syrup. See here how they look like


  6. Okay, 'nimak pari' and 'coscorões' look similar to faworki. We just need to try one day and check if they taste alike :D Faworki are always sprinkled with powder sugar. They're a bit like french pastry but more delicate.

  7. I have two Polish bakeries near my home and those donuts are crazy good. I could eat a dozen to myself... Mmm +tummy ache!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I am so happy to see you are into mail as well! I would love to send you a postcard if you send me your address. crystal {at}

    I hope you are having a wonderfully sweet evening.
    Much Love,