Monday, January 31, 2011

A postcard from... Tokyo, Japan

I got this postcard from my Japanese penpal. The Tokyo Tower has 333 m, it's 13 m taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It's one of the most famous buildings in Tokyo, you can use the elevator or the stairs to get to the observatory ;)


  1. It's beautiful indeed. I love Japanese culture, well at least the few I know and I love even more what I would love to know... weird hum? I would love to go there, but I don't feel fanatic or talk about it all the time. I started feeling upset with those lovers of everything that is Chinese, Japanese or Korean, can't people take it easier? I love to use google earth maps and travel through Tokyo... really! I do it *ah ah* I check the places Murakami talk about, since many are in Tokyo and I go seeing. Sometimes I travel to other places.. like London, or New Zealand :)

  2. This is a very sweet idea of travelling like that ^^ To tell the truth, I'm pretty fed up with people who are so fanatic about Asians, because I started talking with many of them happily, but then discovered that they actually have no idea of many things and their interests are very limited, so that they don't even care to get to know people from there in the first place...
    I wasn't thrilled about Tokyo, but I bet if you stay there for months, you will discover so many corners that you'll love...
    The postcard is lovely... I usually send some from Tsushima island or other places nobody goes to ^^

  3. They most of the time love "kawaii" things, like if they had invented the meaning for kawaii! I know its meaning when it wasn't yet that things so many people seems marvelled with, the "kawaii things". I guess I lost obsessions to talk too much about countries I love because of those obsessions. What I know about most of the countries is almost nothing. I had a strong passion for Italy when I was younger and my oldest pen pal told me the other day she didn't know about that. She loves it. I talk about things but not with that thing of "I juuusssttt love this and madly". I guess I am against weird fanaticism. Everything be taken with love and moderation, like Darja's love for Maura *ah ah*

  4. I think it's natural people are more interested in some specific country but if someone wants to befriend someone only because of nationality, there's something wrong.

    Anyway, as long as Darja don't stalk Maura like some crazy psychofan, we can call it harmless little obsession ;P

  5. ahahahahaaaaaa ^.^ Maura and moderation? no way ^0^ However, I always feel sad when people feel uncomfortable when they get too much love and attention, so I learnt to be moderate... I'm not even talking about Maura ~ I wish her happy, so I won't tear her to pieces or kidnap her (by the way, I think 'Misery' is the very very best book by Stephen King ^0^), I don't need to push myself into someone's life... but I guess those peachflowery bubbling emotions are my drug ^.^ However, have you noticed how people sometimes back off when you show how fond you are of them? Even if you don't expect anything in return? It's so frustrating sometimes to see how fast you reach the acceptance level of affection...
    I had a friend whose only request for a partner/man was to be Japanese! Then she complained all the time that the guys treated her so badly... I thought, wtf, they fulfilled their part of the deal, so what are you complaining about? I expect so much more from people than being born in a certain place...
    Passion is a good thing! It makes us learn and grow... I think we should share a little bit of passion now and then ^^ But showing your passion makes you vulnerable too, especially when people show no interest in it or fail to understand the essence of your drive...
    The definition of 'kawaii' needs reconstruction ^^ Or maybe I'm just tired of the asianization of cuteness? sighhhh...

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