Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me, myself and Don Quijote

RAE (Real Academia de la lengua Española) is organizing a project El Quijote en YouTube. It's about people reading the fragments of Don Quijote. Each person got a concrete fragment of the book which had to record in the period of one day and post it in YouTube. All fragmens form a whole novel. People from all over the world could take part in it, as long as they can speak (or at least read:P) Spanish. And in the end, 2149 people participated. The idea of this project is marvellous, in my opinion.

Although I hadn't read Don Quijote before (I am reading it now and already love the story, I even dropped some tears of laughter yesterday while reading it), I myself have taken part in it. I did it long time ago but was too embarassed (I still am!) to share this news with anybody. First of all, I HATE my voice recorded. Second of all, my Spanish still needs a lot of work. I am quite embarassed about my accent (especially when I pronounce the word 'blasfemo' O.o). And finally, I can't say I look my best in there:P However (maybe I will regret it later:P) I decided to show to my dear blog readers my fragment (Libro 1, capítulo XXX, fragmento numero 556).

—¿Cómo que no la has visto, traidor blasfemo? --dijo don Quijote--. Pues ¿no acabas de traerme ahora un recado de su parte?
—Digo que no la he visto tan despacio --dijo Sancho--, que pueda haber notado particularmente su hermosura y sus buenas partes punto por punto; pero así a bulto me parece bien.
—Ahora te disculpo --dijo don Quijote--, y perdóname el enojo que te he dado, que los primeros movimientos no son en manos de los hombres.
—Ya yo lo veo --respondió Sancho--, y, así, en mí la gana de hablar siempre es primero movimiento, y no puedo dejar de decir, por una vez siquiera, lo que me viene a la lengua.
—Con todo eso --dijo don Quijote--, mira, Sancho, lo que hablas, porque tantas veces va el cantarillo a la fuente..., y no te digo más.
—Ahora bien --respondió Sancho--, Dios está en el cielo, que ve las trampas y será juez de quien hace más mal: yo en no hablar bien o vuestra merced en no obrallo.

I probably still would sit quiet about this but to my biggest embarrasment, I appear in a video of RAE introducing this project! Out of so many people, they took my fragment there. I just can't believe it.

Anyway, I agreed to upload my video there, so I must swallow my embarrasment now I guess:P Yes, I am aware of the number of times I used the word 'embarrased' in this post. It just emphasizes how I feel about my 'show'.
The project is over already and now we can enjoy it's results :)


  1. Haha, Aga sweet ^^ Well, who doesn't hate his voice recorded? I guess we all feel that we sound so weird ^.^ But I think you sound and look adorable ^.^ My friend who studies Spanish took a course about Don Quijote and she said she always fell asleep when reading it... But I think your video sounds very Spanish (though I'm not the most reliable judge ^^) and it's funny that they took your video for the promotion ^0^

  2. Aaw, thank you^^ Haha, I think I sound very Polish. Maybe they took me there as some exotic creature:P

    Really, asleep with Don Quijote? I find it really hilarious XD

  3. The background is marvellous! I am especially amused by changes in blogs, to a better improvement, I love to arrive a blog I love and see it is getting even better, the look also matters, I guess it also tells a bit about the person who writes it.

    I loved it, the project, the video, your hair, your eyes, you voice (it is very sweet by the way and very feminine!). Actually I think you shouldn't feel so embarrassed. Some times I tried to record or film some messages to send to pen pals but I always feel weird talking to the camera, but I would like to show them how I am really am, how I move, how my voice looks like (I am that kind that gets a voice slightly different when recording it). It's a project, you and many others as you mentioned were into it for a good purpose, what's the shame? Plus you are beautiful, there's no problem in that, even the ironing board looks nice there, behind you *ah ah ah* isn't it the ironing board? I love the mundane tiny bits!

    Much love,

    I got your beautiful letter!!!

  4. Thank you Joana<3 I'm blushing now :P

    I thought about making some video for penpals too but I just can't stand my voice and for this reason never did. Maybe after this one I'll have more courage to do so. It would be lovely to hear your voice and see you in a video^^

    Haha yes, that's an ironing board (+1 to the embrassment:P). It's my mum's room.