Friday, August 26, 2011

Been there, done that... Prague, Czech Republic

Since I write here about my passions, let me introduce my biggest one, which is travelling! Unfortunatelly, I can't travel as much as I'd like to but I go somewhere every now and then. This summer I had no vacation but there was one longer weekend in August due to holiday and for these three days I went to our neighbouring country - Czech Republic to visit their beautiful capital, Prague:) I was once in Prague but that was many many years ago, on a school trip so I didn't remember it well. Now I went again and I've seen wonders;)


  1. *o* AMAZING PICS!!! ToT buaaa I want to travel too but I'm poor!!

  2. Thanks for the pictures of Prague. We just made a downpayment for a trip which will start in Prague next I'm excited.

  3. Thanks for sharing these as at work we have a lot of czech children... it makes me wonder though why they leave such a beautiful place to come here :(.

  4. @Sharon, it wasn't very expensive trip, Prague is not far away and I was saving for some time already for a longer trip in some warmer country but couldn't go. When I win a lotery we'll travel;P

    @Bev, I'm glad for that:) Prague is beautiful, you're gonna love it:)

    @Bubbles Sometimes the economic situation makes us leave beautiful places. Besides maybe yours has some beauty too, you're just too used to it to appreciate it;)