Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Polish stamps

Okay, so I bought letter scale, now it's time for stamps! I bought some awsome ones from the Internet site of our post office services. I couldn't get these stamps in my post office as it's small one and they don't have big choice. So I was really happy to lay my hands on these beauties today^.^ Hohoho^^


  1. We have novelty stamps but I hardly ever see them in the post office anymore, my local one just uses postal stickers which is quite disappointing :(. Its nice though that you can buy a variety online though :)

    Btw I just noticed your request on my make my day blog for something swing related... its got my mind working now so who knows the next creation maybe related to it :)

  2. @Bubbles We on the contrary don't have the postal stickers:)
    Ah, swing idea, well... it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing;)

    @girls I am a "dogs lover" but I like the kitty stamps the most too^^

  3. I wish I can buy letter scale and stamps here, but my post service doesn't do that :(

  4. What a great idea getting a letter scale, I need one too.I'm tired of weighing letters on my hands and guessing how heavy they are!

  5. It makes the life easier for sure^^