Saturday, February 25, 2012

Been there, done that, ate this and that... Rome, Italy

The winter is depressing and I am dreaming about vacations already... but for now I can only recall the last ones, that I had in the end of October/beginning of November and which I spent in the beautiful and tasty Rome <3

Heheh, I was always wondering what's behind the leaf ;P

Om nom nom... :9

And my favourite pic which I had to take in rush because my friend was in panic due to birds in the sky... ekhm and it turned out she had right :P

I loved the fact that every here and there are parts of ruins and the monuments. I loved that the whole city smells with delicious Italian food. I was amazed with Italians talent to park cars so close to each other that it seemed impossible... I was in Italy before so I did see it before but this time I had ocasion to observe how they actually squeeze in this tiny space between other cars! Okay, I'll add that too... hearing all the compliments from strangers - policemen, soldiers, waiters, random guys in the streets was a nice change too:P I loved the atmosphere of Rome, gelatos, pizza and good wine. Oh, I miss it.


  1. Oh how I love these photos thank you so much for sharing with us I would love to be able to go and visit them in person.........

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your trip to beautiful Italy. How I dream of being in Italy someday! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos. I want to go!! Thanks for sharing.