Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden poop

My Korean friend has been to Toilet Museum. It is in the toilet-shaped house - Mr. Toilet House (Haewoojae) in Suwon City. Mr. Toilet House has the meaning of a house to relieve worries. It was built by Sim Jae-duck, also known as Mr. Toilet, who lived the life in full and passionate devotion to develop the toilet culture movement. This movement bagan in Suwon in the late 90's and spread out to Korea and overseas as one of the improvement movement of mankind. The purpose of it was to change dirty public toilets into beautiful and clean ones before the 2002 FIFA World Cup games. It gave birth to World Toilet Association (WTA) which purpose is to improve the health and sanitation of the world by building and improving public toilets in developing countries.

Obviously inside the Mr. Toilet House the visitors can see all kinds of toilets and learn toilet history. You can find more information about museum and photos of the toilets here

Isn't it amazing what you can find out through penpalling? :D
 Aaaand I got the golden poop XD


  1. Indeed its interesting what one learns through writing letters, I didn't know this either but it sounds so funny :)

  2. This is cool I would love to visit such a museum I think it would be interesting. I have never heard of the toilet museum so I have now learnt something

  3. I never heard of it before too! It sounds really interesting. I know this may sound weird but nice golden poop! :)

  4. Now I desperately want to go there because it sounds like a real fun :D

  5. Nevr heard about it! Yes, I agree with you, there is a new world you can find through penpalling ^^
    Anyway, my notebook was sent today. Sorry for being late. Let me know when it reaches you please ^^

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