Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The first letter I wrote in my life!

My mum was cleaning her room today and she has found the first letter that I have ever written! What a surprise!!! And how excited I am about it :D I sent it from school trip when I was 9 years old (in 3rd grade) to my parents. It contains only one ortographic mistake (that is a reason to be proud of!;))

The letter sais:

Dear Parents!

We arrived to 'Fir Mansion' happily.
When I went into the room with Natalka and Magda we got a fright because the wall was scribbled and there were captions in the wardrobe. Still the same day we went for a trip and we saw how iron is being made. Me and the girls from my room didn't sleep the first night. Later we fell asleep.
The next day fifth, fourth and third grade went to the Holy Cross Hill and second and first ones to the swimming pool. I am doing well here. It's fun. Near the resort there even is a playground.

P.S. You could come here.

Yours Agnieszka


  1. How sweet and its defintely something worth treasuring :D... The paper is lovely too and reminds me of the type of Pakistani paper I had when I was younger, I also remember the faint scent of it too.

  2. What nice handwriting you had at such a young age! I'm sure your mom cherishes it! How great it is that she found it!

  3. ..what a sweet and neat letter! Did you take the paper to the trip?

  4. Haha, my handwriting in the age of 9 looks much better than how I write nowadays:P
    Maria, I think so but to tell the truth I don't remember. I barely remember this trip. And don't remember at all how the iron is made. What a shame.

  5. Awwwwww cosita!! That's so sweeeeet!! >w<!!

  6. How awesome to have your very first letter! Your handwriting at 9 years of age is much better than mine was then, too. Hehe!