Monday, November 29, 2010

Andrew's Night

Tonight is a magical night – Andrew’s Night. A holiday which has pagan roots. Why is it so magical? Tonight you can find out who your future husband will be! To know it, you just have to play some fortune-telling games.
The most popular one is pouring hot wax through a hole of a key to a bowl with cold water. From the shape of the shade on the wall of the figure you get when the wax stiffens, you can guess what is going to happen to you in the future.

Other popular game includes shoes. Only unmarried girls can take part in it. They must put their shoes from the left foot in a row in front of the door (starting from the opposite wall of course). Then they should move last shoe in a row to the beginning until some shoe crosses the threshold. The owner of that shoe is going to get married first.

There is also a game in which you write boy’s names on the big paper heart. In the back of the heart the girls need to insert a pin. The name the pin went through is a name of her future husband.

Have a wonderful night!

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  1. I love your new layout :).

    Oh I wish I knew about this night before I got married as it would have been fun to try it out :D

  2. You still can try pouring wax, this one is not only about merriage but future in general:)
    It's all so fun:)

  3. Hoooooo that's very interesting!!
    I would like to try the first game over all, it sounds very fun!! 8D