Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dili dili, trali vali, no more smoke

First of all I would like to express my happiness of the fact that after visit in a club my clothes didn’t stink with smoke. On 15th November 2010 Poland introduced a prohibition of smoking in public places and I could enjoy it’s result on Friday night. The smokers feel indignant with it, they say it’s against democracy, it’s discrimination of them, that people who go to the pub or club should expect that people smoke there and if they don’t want to sit in the stinky mist they can not go in there at all. Then isn’t that opinion a discrimination of non-smokers? Weren’t the non-smokers discriminated for all these years? So now the non-smokers feel relief. Finally they don’t have to breath the smoke, finally their hair and clothes won’t stink after a meeting with friends in a restaurant. The smokers can always go out, smoke there and come back in. Noone denies them smoking. They are only denied poisoning those who don’t choose to smoke. Why is it so hard to understand to some people? Anyway, I was waiting for this act to be passed for a long time, since it works well in other countries I had occasion to visit and now that it finally got into effect I just wanna scream… YEEEEEEAAH!

Second, I would like to express my happiness of my grandmas’ 90th birthday which was on Saturday and today we organize a small party for her. My dad prepared chicken soup, Greek style fish (which is a Polish dish that has nothing to do with Greece, besides the name). My mum prepared a Polish vegetable salad (though I discovered with astonishment that it’s not known in all parts of Poland, yet in many houses it’s traditionally served on every holidays, birthdays, names days etc.). It consists of all types of vegetables, eggs and mayonnaise. I once read an article that it became popular during communistic times, as there wasn’t much food in the shops, so people were growing vegetables and fruit in their gardens (if they had one), the mayonnaise was one of the things possible to buy often and so, this salad became traditional. It’s also my dads’ birthday today and in two days, my dogs’… though we’re not celebrating this event, hehe.

Polish vegetable salad
Greek style fish

In the end, let me introduce a cute song I got to know yesterday on my Russian classes. It’s a song for kids from some Russian cartoon, about a lazy boy who doesn’t want to help his brothers. I guess it is supposed to teach children that if they won’t work hard, they won’t get anything, but the lyrics “Это мы не проходили, Это нам не задавали” (we didn’t learn it, that wasn’t required), just ask to be taken as a motto :P



  1. Haaaa nice song =D (although I didn't understand anything °n°).
    It's great about the prohibition of smoking in public places! =D it's a very good new! The law was applied here a couple of years ago and many people get angry too O_o! but now the things calmed down.

    ^u^ Congratulations to your grandma, your dad and your dog too :3

  2. I sometimes like songs I don't understand too. Why limit yourself to one language when there are so many great foreign songs?:)
    I hope it will calm down here as well and people will accept the new law. It's good ;)

  3. Haha, Antoshka ^^ Every child in Russia knows this song... and my former flatmate used to sing it sometimes ^.^ as well as the Russian Winnie the Pooh song which is very funny... I think the little bird in the video is very cute ^^
    90 years is a cool age! Have fun with the rest of your birthday parties ^^ Russians make a similar salad but they also add meat/ sausage... I love it!
    I'm very thankful that we have that non-smoking law as well! I had been a smoker myself for about 10 years and even in those times I hated it that some people had to smoke even while eating =.= Haha, discrimination, it's a joke!

  4. We had the same problem when smoking was banned here but I don't go to pubs, clubs and cafes so it didn't bother me... in honesty it bothers me more now because offices, shops etc... all the people stand out on the street and don't care at all that they are puffing smoke into your face as you walk past, they are just so rude. In a way also its worked for the better as people have started to quit smoking where as before they didn't care.

    I love the look of the food you showed. Its like that with Pakistani food too as certain areas have a speciality isn't known to people elsewhere. Lassi a la saag is one of those things.

  5. Hmm, I think it's worse when they smoke inside, from where the smoke can't float. I don't mind at all if they smoke outside. Although puffing in someone's face is rude and unpleasant, sure.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion girls :)

  6. Portugal got that rule about four years ago and people were all indignant too, but it ended up being quite funny because some people used to forget and pick and light a cigarette and then everyone was looking to that person and he would notice why... I was a smoker and it hadn't no problem to me, I never like to make the others smell my smoke by sending it directly to their faces, or to smoke in very crowded placers already with a lot of smoke. I guess it is a perfect rule and no one talks about it now... it's normal now. Well, I don't smoke now so it's okay to me.

    I'll be waiting for your letter (I read your messages on IP)


  7. I think people will get used to it with time too. I think it's a good rule too. Though they still show smoking people telling their brilliant arguments against it in tv :) I sometimes wonder when they take the ideas from, since some of them are really out of this planet.

    Anyway, the letter sent as said, is on it's way :)