Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lassi a la Saag and the Independence Day

As it's free of work day I had plenty of time to stir spinach so I decided to make a spinach yogurt soup - Lassi a la Saag from Bursts of Bubbles recipe. It's the first Pakistani dish I have ever tried. I'm afraid it's not thick enough. Oh well, I'll do better next time :S But it'a real feast for such a spinach lover as I am.

And it's a free day because it's our Independence Day today. It's an anniversary of Poland getting back it's independence after 123 years of partitions in 1918. We celebrate it rather calmly, without fireworks. All that happens are some military parades and people hang flags in front of their houses. And I make a soup ;)


  1. oh you've done such a fantastic job of making this. I just realised that I forgot to say on my recipe to cut the spinach in strips (just roll the spinach leaves up and cut across) or small piece and then to end up with a thicker soup once its boiled, you turn the heat down on it and leave it (only to come back occasionally to stir). The yogurt and spinach will blend into each other. You've done a fantastic job though and it makes me want some :D. You can always adapt this to what suits you too :). I hope you enjoyed eating it :)

  2. I thought that it would be better with cut spinach but it was too late. But it was good anyway :)

  3. I'm glad it was good and as mentioned if you make it again you know what to do differently. I love it even though my mum complains of aching joints afterwards.

  4. Wow, you cook very well! °w°
    I only eat spinach in verdure soup hehehe ^^

    Hoooo your Independence Day!! cool! =D
    You should have seen the celebration of Independence this year in Mexico O.o! The government spent a lot of money in that event. Then I knew there was no money to buy textbooks in schools =__= That was awful!!

  5. The spinach thingie looks really yummy! And happy belated birthday to Poland! In Germany it's the other way round, we celebrate the re-unification ^^

  6. Can you tell me the recipe to this pls? I'm craving it but can't find a recipe for lassi a la saag anywhere. Thanks