Sunday, November 28, 2010

A postcard from... South Korea

I think this is my favourite postcard. The title of it is: "Picnic in the Spring" by Shin Yun-bok (1758~?) from a collection of Gansong Art Gallery - Colors on paper.

The description on the back sais:
Three couple of young men and ladies are returning from picnic in the spring when azeleas are in full blossom. A lady with a spray of azelea in her hair, another lady waiting for a man light a cigarette for her, untidy behaviors of the men in a pleasant mood after spring outgoing match with the relaxed scenery of the spring to add deep atmosphere.

There's also a note for sender and recipient:
Sender: Please write on the back of the fan and include it in the envelope together with this note to send
Recipient: We hope for you to decorate your home with this piece or hang it on a wall to cherish sender's sincerity for a long while.

Which I happily did :)


  1. Aw, those Asians always have so beautiful and creative ideas! My friend has got some of those little fans from Japan... I only have fans, but not fan cards ^.^ When we went to Japan, we changed the plane in Korea and in the airport they had many activities for the foreigners to show them Korean culture, so I could paint a fan and take it with me for free ^^ It was awesome ^^ I'm looking forward to visiting Korea one day ^^

  2. What a nice idea with the airport. Some European airports, where people change plains mostly and sometimes have to wait long hours, could do something like that to entertain people. My dad said in Singaporian airport there's a swimming pool (though he was there like 15 years ago). But painting fans seems more fun to me, since you can always go to swimming pool in your own country:)

  3. That is such a pretty and unusual postcard, I love the little story that goes with it too. I really like it and haven't seen anything like it before.

  4. wow, I like this new layout ^^ And the new header ^^ I guess I'll change mine once in a while too... I'm also thinking about a new background, but still haven't found the perfect one...