Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lalalala Aga's song

Searching YouTube I ended up watching Sesame Street. I loved it when I was a kid. I even had Bert and Ernie mascotes, but my favourite character was Cookie Monster! Isn't he hilarious?

These videos brought a HUGE smile on my face:) Did you watch Sesame Street in your childhood? Who was your favourite character?


  1. I didn't watch Sesame Street as a child as it used to come on during the day when I was at school :(, I did see it once or twice as a child when I was home off sick or something and really enjoyed it. I've always loved the vabriant characters :)

  2. I watched it before I went to school. And since then up till now I didn't see it, now as I found it in YouTube it seems to me it's so great made, the characters look so real and it's pretty eductional, but in the same time an adult can have fun watching it as well. And I just realised I probably watched too much Cookie Monster because I have the same attitude about sweets in general as him :P

  3. Aga's song? XD mega lol!! Ohhh what a memories!! =D
    In México it was called "Plaza Sésamo", I watched it with my sister returning from school haha. My fav character was... I don't know what is his originanl name but here he was "Archibaldo", he is blue and skinny XD hahaha.

    Here, Bert and Ernie was "Beto y Enrique", as my father's name is Enrique too, sometimes he laughed like the character and that was really fun for me and my sister XD

    Cookie Monster was "Monstruo Comegalletas" here XD

  4. It is a long time I wanted to comment but with no Internet connection home it is a bit difficult! Cookies Monster was also my favourite character when being a child and I also had a soft toy of it! :D It was so funny the way he ate the cookies! :P
    I watched it in the afternoons after school, though. In Spain it is called "Barrio Sésamo". Bert and Ernie are "Epi y Blas" and the Cookie Monster is "El Monstruo de las Galletas". :D I notice some differences with Mexico although the meaning is the same. ;)

    Thanks for posting these videos. I really enjoyed this post, and of course, I enjoy your whole blog! Keep up the great work!

    Nice greetings from Spain from Bea!

  5. Thank you Bea :) Yeah, the Cookie Monster rocks :D I had Bert and Ernie mascotes when I was a kid. I still have them somewhere :P

    I enjoy your blog very much too, I find it one of the best blogs ever :D And your magazine with Sandbook is just great :)

  6. ¡Hola Agnieszka!

    It is great that so many people all over the world remember Sesame Street with such affection. I don't find nowadays series so charming, and some are really bad. :O

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    Hope to visit your blog thoroughly in Christmas. Without Internet home it is difficult to leave comments in the entries and interact with other bloggers. Even reading post carefully! :( But then I will have Internet home and hope to enjoy a good reading! :P
    Keep in touch!