Monday, November 8, 2010

Zorba the Greek

“Zorba the Greek” is a beautiful story about friendship between young, educated man who in his life follows the voice of reason and an older, simple man – Zorba, who lives the moment.

There is a nice fragment in a book, where Zorba sends a letter to his friend:
“I discovered a beautiful green stone. Come immediately”

Young man wants to go with all his heart but due to the bad situation in his country and all the problems around, he decides to stay. In the next letter from Zorba there is a message:
“Not trying to offend you, boss, but you’re a scribbler. You could too, poor man, for once in your life see a beautiful green stone, but you didn’t.”

I feel I am such a scribbler too. My common sense stops me from following my heart too often. Because what if it won’t work out, what if I’ll lose what I already have, what if something bad happens to me, what if, what if, what if…


  1. It sounds like a beautiful book to read ^^ I see we have it at our uni library, so maybe I can lend it ^^ I'm rather an impulsive persons who follows the intuition, but I understand what you mean... when it comes to big decission, I often decide to stick to my routine instead of trying something out... But yeah, common sense isn't that bad after all, you just need to see how important a green stone is in your life...

  2. I understand perfectly! O.o! I'm a person that is guided only by reason!
    Who knows if someday I will make a change at some time ... maybe I will hehehe.