Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love hate relationship with people

I know my bloggy friends are open minded lovely people and my post won't make a revolution in their minds. But I just need to place my frustration somewhere. It's about the rasists and homophobes who surround me. I had a brilliant day, a good thing that I expected for a long time happened to me. My happiness was unmeasurable and I thought nothing can spoil it... until a friend of mine started saying these jokes about Jews and black people. A friendly, helpful, funny at times person. I stated that I don't like these. I am neither a Jew nor black, yet they hurt me. I assume if I was born somewhere else and met this person, I couldn't count for friendly feelings? The other person today asked me if I think some guy sitting behind me is a "fag". I have no idea was my answer... seriously, who cares? Then my friend (described above) looking at me said there are gay people around... having gay friends I am taken as being one obviously. The guy probably suspecting I am "one of them" said he doesn't see anything wrong with lesbians, just gay guys he'd like to kick out of this planet. I am tired to deny who I am not and I don't care what people consider me to be... but I am frustrated with lack of tolerance, ignorance and hipocrisy. If someone asked to raise hand those who never judged anyone, I wouldn't raise mine probably, but why not think better before spilling the poison out? I wish we couldn't see the colors or shapes for one day and just see the inner creature... who would look bad then? The one with different skin color, the one falling in love with the same shape, the one beliving in God, the one not beliving God who means no harm to other creatures around OR the one hating other colors, shapes and religions? I wonder if we were all the same people would stop fighting? I guess not, it's human nature, we love judging and we'd always find somethig to complain about in other people. Even though such possibilty existed I wouldn't be happy if we were all the same. How boring the life would be. Yet, I can't accept this simple hurtful truth...


  1. I once did a dear on something similar as it just makes you wonder why people feel the need to put other people down because they are different to them. Its like this at work on a lunch time... The problem is all you can do is listen as no matter what you say will never change this persons opinion and because they know you don't like it they will do it even more. Its why I prefer letters as people can make up their own mind about who they think you are and I have put all on my profile and never lied about who I am so those that don't like it can move on instead of wasting my time.

    I'm not so innocent either like you say but much more tolerable and accepting of everyone as well as wanting to learn about different walks of life.

  2. That's why I talk about acceptance openly and without fears so often, people need to hear about it, need to remind about it more often because many so called open-minded people still fall in those moment when they love to tell a joke like your friend did, or making a comment about a queer, or you know what? About someone who looks lonely! People make jokes if they see someone lonely! A person that was very close to me, I will not say who, but you might know, which disappeared from my life some months ago was like that, oh lesbians? Nice! Gay guys? He would like to make all of them disappear. That person always used to say after this he was kidding.. but I thought it was a very stupid way to play since I had a gay friend at the moment and talking openly I am a queer too. I don't think love picks genres, so I feel offended too.

    The other day my godson was painting a boy which was playing football, it was part of his homework and he told me he wanted to paint it brown, I totally supported him. You might not have that idea, but most of white kids paint white kids, it think that is something beautiful to change their creative idea and want to pick another color to the skin color. He ended with brown body and white head :/


  3. I’m thinking of writing a similar post but feeling tired after a day at work really makes me postpone the idea. Will blog about it soon.
    Anyway, I’m not a perfect person. I have my own prejudices and being taken differently by others too. The least I can do is try not to be like them and try to make our little world a good place for everyone. And I believe that pen palling is a good way to diminish this ‘ugly’ feeling.

  4. I'm so tired of labels... and all the stuff people connect with them... because it's just nonsense! Yes, we have our gender, heritage or nationality, our likings, experiences... these things make us what we are... but not the other way round, you can't just pick one and think you know everything about a person... I'm so tired of having to explain myself to people that don't care anyway and of defending my feelings that don't hurt anyone at all...
    I can absolutely relate to what you said about love & hate relationship to people! Sometimes I feel so great about having people around me and I want to say ~ I love you, human beings! But on other days I want to scream in their face how stupid and vain they are...
    I don't always have the strength to try to understand everyone and everything, but at least I'm trying to see the whole picture and then appreciate the details, instead of losing myself in the details and missing the whole picture...
    Congrats on the Make my day, by the way ^^

  5. Oh and what the hell is wrong with guys who like lesbians and dislike gays?! I can't believe that it's them who are considered as normal members of the freaking society most of the time =.= screw the hypocrites!

  6. It's not a surprise to me you think alike, girls^^ I am happy to hear the lovely words from you.

  7. A very thought provoking post...the statement about who would look bad if all that was visible was what was inside is particularly profound.I think we all need to concern ourselves more about what our "hearts" look like, since it reflects who we really are. Thanks for your thoughts! Elle