Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Show me on a Tuesday... Something Traditional

I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't late with my post ;) But no worries, I am still into Tuesday shows. I was thinking what traditional should I show and thought about some food at first, but in the end decided to show a traditional Polish dance - polonaise. It's a folk dance. Sadly, people nowadays, probably not only in Poland, forget about their folk. I am no exception here... But! polonaise isn't forgotten dance. It's danced in the introduction of the ball 100 days before ending high school. So, most people dance it at least once in their life.

Here's a video from a Polish movie "Pan Tadeusz" based on our national epic from 19th century written by Adam Mickiewicz. The last scene is the wedding and they dance polonaise.

And the second version of polonaise, because there are two melodies for it. This dance here is made by some dancing group so they make more figures than just basic ones made during school ball. But there's always the "tunnel" made, which you can see in the end of the video.


  1. I watched this, this morning but I didn't have enough time left to comment as I had to go to work. I wanted to show something other then food too but I've chatted about most things on my blog already so its all I had left... I need to think of something else to share too to make up for it. It was interesting to watch these dances though and its a shame that people only do it maybe once in their life :(.

    I can't wait to use your new button, it looks great. I'll also stick with show me on tuesdays.

  2. Better once than not at all;) At least one folk dance survived. I danced 3 times - in the end of kindergarten, in the end of secondary school and high school.
    I already wrote many thing about taditions and not many about food, but I thought it's the only ocasion to present the dance as high school is far away past for me already.

  3. Oh, what a great idea ^.^ I was always wondering what that famous polonaise looks like ^^ I remember I used to play some on piano in my childhood... Love your button and header ^^