Thursday, January 6, 2011

Show me on a Tuesday... Something from your past cooperation with...

Yes, I am late with post again. I was too tired to do it yesterday and today I was a bit busy and then it took me a while to dig in my past... but I think I've done my homework well ;) Sadly, I don't have my oldest toys. I always had more teddy bears than dolls. My little teddy bear Tymoteusz, called like that after seeing a play for children is gone and stays only in my memory :P My big teddy bear that stayed with me for really long time, first named Tymoteusz's dad and after losing the little one changed his gender and became Alicia is gone too. But my I still have a companion of all my trips and vacation as a child - Bert and his brother Ernie, who didn't play such a significant role.

The books were my friends since childhood too. My grandpa was reading me Max und Moritz in German when I was little because he was a translator (and an engeneer) and my mum sais I started speaking a bit in German but when I was 4 my grandpa died and I forgot the language quickly. I wonder if I could speak it if he lived longer. Anyway, I still have this book as a remembrance of him. However I must say it's a rather cruel fairytale, as the boys in it kill hens, put gunpowder in man's pipe, and as result of one of their actions a dog is beaten O.o

A nicer book from my childhood I have is my beloved Children from the Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren. It's an old book, which my uncle and my mum had. I so much love this story.

I have also found my diary (notebook?) that I was giving to other kids to write something for me. Did you do that too? So, it's full of funny poems.


In the right upper one is a poem and a drawing from my grandma, the left down is from my best early childhood friend. And in the right down one there was a corner folded with a word Secret on it. Inside is this drawing and the words say "Who peeks in here, looks like that". Damn, why was I so curious. If I knew I'll end like that... :P The curious thing I found about myself from this diary is an entry from some girl met in winter holidays trip that mentions my comics about Spice Girls, which I don't remember drawing O.o But, as I was their big fan and I liked drawing comics it is highly possible. Of my adoration of Spice Girls and some other sweet kitchy bands give evidence my collection of casettes.

I have a drawer with memories in my desk where I keep all these things. There is my favourite computer game on a big floppy disk (remember these?) that I loved to play as a kid - Lemmings. In this game you had to walk a band of green haired creatures from one point to another using the functions they had.

And last but not least, some old letters!

And I thought I'll show you this postcard that my friends from the neighbourhood sent me once from their holidays. It's a muscular guy on it (in case you have doubts) ;P


  1. This is so cool ^^ It's interesting how your grandfather read a German book for you... I also had a German book in my childhood and I tried to figure out what it was about... hehe... I also have an album like that with all my classmates... I went through it last time and realized that I forgot many of those people already... geez... Love your tapes, 90s rock!!

  2. This is such an amazing share and it was fun to look into your past

  3. Świetny post, natrafiłam kiedyś już na Twój blog i bardzo mi się podobają te wtorkowe 'showy'. Ten przeniósł mnie troszkę w stronę mojego dzieciństwa (pewnie jesteśmy w podobnym wieku) Pozdrawiam z Bydgoszczy, nicoretta z interpals

  4. Dziękuję:) Showy nie są moim pomysłem, ja tylko biorę w nich udział, więc ten pomysł również przypomniał mi dzieciństwio. Miło było wygrzebać te rzeczy z różnych zakamarków w domu, hehe.