Monday, January 10, 2011

A postcard from... Hong Kong

I once got it from a penpal who went there for vacation. I didn't know she has plan to go there so it was a big surprise to me to find this poscard in my mail box.


  1. It is nice to get postcards when a friends on holiday and its a big surprise when you don't know about it. I for some reason can never find postcards on holiday... I don't get that.

    I have some postcards of HK from my teens and the only thing that puts me off is all the sky scrapers...they are too over bearing for my liking.

    I love your new banner and thanks for sharing my button. You'll have to see if you can create one to share :).

  2. I usually look for postcards to send but if I don't do that, I send photos. I feel there are so amasing places where I go that I must show them :)

    I think sky scrapers have their own charm too. Although I prefer more antique looking places.

    Thank you. For the banner all credits go to Joana :) I must think of the button, I know.

  3. I love getting post cards, although I haven't in a very long time.