Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wanna talk abou snail mail?

For most of us in the "penpalling world", writing letters is a real life passion. Yet, everyone has their preferences and opinions according letters and their ways of writing. If you'd like to discuss all the issues related with snail mail, there's a new forum Letter Writer's Circle Long Letter's Lovers. Feel free to check it out by clicking the image below and join =D

If you'd like to read more about the place I live in, check Panpalling and Letters blog. I've been a guest blogger there with an article Corners of Warsaw ^.^

Using the occasion that I'm "advertising", I'd like to attract your attention to STORIES FROM MEXICO blog where an artist, Kiki, presents her amazingly beautiful and colorful works, together with great stories.

Have fun reading =)


  1. Ohh I really liked the forum! Thanks for sharing it <3

  2. You welcome:) The forum is great :D

  3. Yes, yes, you all join if you are really into mail and if you love it as a passion and not as a business, cruel but true, hm? I guess. <3

  4. I went over and joined thanks for posting the link.

  5. I love your blog! And your 100 reasons to snail mail! I'm a snail mail pen pal too, so i love that! If you are interested I'm trying to put together a group blog ( ) If not, could you at least spread the word? We still need 3-5 more people to join in on the collaboration of this blog and we're taking applications now!


  6. Hi Agniezka!!! Were my penpal when I was living in The Netherlands? I never heard back from you and wasnt sure if your last letter got lost and never reached me... Let me know if this is you and we can send each other letters again... i miss them!!! Im now back to brazil... (im nadja from brazil, btw lol)

    write me at :


  7. That's not me, unfortunatelly. I've never had any penpal in Netherlands, neither in Brazil. But good luck with finding your missing pal:)

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