Saturday, May 7, 2011

A giveaway goes to...

First of all, I would like to thank all who took part in my little givaway and for all the lovely comments about the envelopes. Thay made me very happy and I really appreciate that^.^

How the selection went... First I wrote the names of the participants on pieces of paper.

Then I put them in a box.

I closed the box. Shook it. And with my eyes closed took out one piece of paper and on it was written...

This way the envelopes go to Sandbook! :)


  1. °A°!... ToT buaaaaa! I'm sad! ¡Yo los queria! TuT... Me encantó el video XD hubieras dicho algo! Un "Hola" quizás =D jajaja.

  2. Aww not me then x) Well done Sandbook. What a great giveaway! x

  3. @Sharon Haha, si, pero odio mi voz grabado.

    Maybe next time girls:)

  4. Congrats Sandbook on winning those great envelopes :)

  5. Hahaha I understand! XD
    My voice sounds very weeeeeird on video hahaha!

  6. Lucky Sandbook, only way to decide I say.

  7. :D) You simply have no idea how excited I was when I was contacted that we have won!!! Yey! I couldn't believe it! I never win contests or giveaways (but I love participating in such!). We are thinking of doing our own give giveaway :D).
    THANK YOU< THANK YOU for the award! :D)
    I simply can't wait to receive it! :D)