Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kreativ Blog Award

Aida from Aida Goes Artsy honoured me with Kreativ Blogger Award. Yay! :D If you don't know her blog yet, you have a chance to check it out now, just click the link above. She makes really beautiful FB's!:)

Rules Of The Award:

List 10 facts about yourself, tag 10 other bloggers, and tell them about the award! 

1.  I am obsessed with checking my mail box. I do it every time I pass through a gate to my home, which is couple of times a day. Even when there's no more chance I'll find something there due to a late hour or being a weekend, I still peek in there couple of times. When I was little I was even checking my friends mail box whenever I came to visit her. Not out of curiousity or my rudeness, but just out of a habit. She had this mail box with a flap, just like mine:P

2. I never remember what I lent to whom. So if someone doesn't give me back my money, books... etc. out of their own will, I am going to live in an unconcious happiness not knowing I lost anything:P

3. I feel best in my sneakers and jeans. When I have to wear formal clothes, I immediately have bad mood and lower self esteem O.o

4. I am always sleepy and tired around 4 pm. A crisis hour?

5. I can't stand snoring. I can't fall asleep if I hear it. I can't even stay in a room with a snoring person because I get really angry. I think I would even be able to leave a guy if he was snoring:P

6. I sometimes talk to myself if noone is around:P

7. I like reading books in foreign language aloud, if I'm at home of course.

8. I prefer freshwater than sea fish. I don't mind them having looots of fishbones. For many years I didn't eat carnivorous fish because I once found a little fish inside the bigger one when cleaning it.

9. I don't eat red meat for 8 years. First it was because of ideological reasons but now I just couldn't swallow it because my organism disaccustomed itself of it's taste. And I actually feel better without it.

10. I am an atheist but I celebrate Christmas and Easter because I consider them traditions more than religious events and I couldn't imagine dropping them. Moreover a big part of my family is religious so I also celebrate together with them, in respect of their beliefs.

I pass the award to:
Bursts of Bubbles whose blog definitelly deserves to be called Kreativ
Penpalling & Letters which is tottaly dedicated to penpalling topics and it would be nice to hear something about it's owner;)
Jo-Annes Ramblings let's hear some more new ramblings from her;)


  1. You've done a great job with your answers as I've no idea what to write yet. Thanks so much for the award :D

  2. I'm sure you'll come up with something cool :)

  3. Thanks for participate and I really like your list :)

  4. I finally get here and what do I find you have passed an award on to me so a big thank you for that.

    I also talk to myself when I am home alone, I think a lot of people do it.