Sunday, May 8, 2011

100 reasons to snail mail #4

I didn't make "100 reasons" post last weekend as usually (sorry for that), not because I ran out of reasons;) but because I was in my heaven and then had a busy rest of the week. But here I am, back with the new reason to snail mail which is...


Penpalling means also the Art of Mail. Letters and people behind them inspire to make something by yourself or create something new. You might design your own stationery, paint or draw something, make stamps, write a poem or a story, take some artistic photograph, make handmade thingies that match in the envelope… cards, earrings, crotchet stuff, dreamcatchers, bookmarks, origami… the list is endless. It doesn’t mean you have to have talent, but it means you might have thousands of new ideas, bigger imagination, learn to make new things and become creative. If you look around the penpalling world, everyone, in one way or another, is creative!

Because penpalling arouses imagination and creativity!

If you're into penpalling and want to share your experiences in your blog according today's reason, please link back here and make a comment that you made an entry :)


  1. Love your explanation... I'm going to have to think hard about this one :D.

  2. I looooove this reason! =D
    I love to think about to make nice envelopes and decorations *u*

  3. Even though I do all my letters on the computer because my hand writting is hard to read and I prefer to make sure my pals can read what I have written. I still like to change the colour of the writting and I add photos of my famiy all through the letter as well as other pictures I have gotten from the internet. Which I guess why my letters are anything from 5 to 10 pages long.......I am not one for short letters.......

  4. Sometimes I use plain paper to write because it's bigger and my letters are long. I feel more comfortable writing on plain paper. So, I started decorating it with doodles as a border and in the corners with Sharpies or markers. I just got some BIC permanent markers just for that reason :)