Saturday, May 28, 2011

100 reasons to snail mail #7


We have already agreed that through letters you can get to know foreign countries and cultures. There are no doubts about that. But you can also get to know your own country better! Penpals are curious people;) They will surely ask lots of questions about your country, like you do about theirs. Some answers are obvious. Others not necessarily. You’d have to check the information in the Internet, books, maybe even do some research to give the answers your panpals are awaiting. Because you wouldn’t say you don’t know something about your own country, right?;) So you might need to dig for the information about your city, famous places in your country, famous people, history, the origins of holidays, legends, statistics, curiousities…

Sometimes your penfriends, after you mention something in your letter, might get concerned about it, it being something ‘different’, weird, specific to your country only, and you would never even realize it without your penpals observation being made.

If you're into penpalling and want to share your experiences in your blog according today's reason, please link back here and make a comment that you made an entry :)


  1. Very true indeed! I get to know my own country better through penpalling :)

  2. That's for sure. In the last years I am more aware of my country, I want to show new things and even if I never went to some parts I like to read about them and plus, there's something else, it's about what is happening, about history, myths, all of that, there's a whole culture to share, not only the spots we like. I love learn about other cultures and I like very much to dig into my own. I like this "reason"!

    Are you updating your book challenge. Maybe you think no one goes there, as I sometimes think no one probably see those links there and check it, but I go there very often and I would like if you could update it, please *joining hands to beg, eyes roll and shine like Puss in Boots from Shrek*, just to mention that it is one of my favourite scenes from Shrek, when Puss in Boots make that "poor kitty" thing :D

  3. Soon Larsson's book is going to join the list. But besides that, nothing new for now Thanks for checking:) I check your's too from time to time:D
    I like the Donkey the most, but the Puss was super cute:D

  4. This is so true, I often have to find out things my penpals ask about... What a fun way to learn :)

  5. Oh yeah so true I have answered many questions about Australia to my overseas pals and many questions about Newcastle to my local pals and it is so rewarding to tell others aboout the great country I live in not to mention the great town.