Monday, May 9, 2011

People I ♥... Corinne!

As people show sometimes in their blogs their admiration for people they love, I thought to introduce my biggest love, my godess, gorgeous and owning the sweetest voice in the entire world (don't argue with me about it;P)

Corinne Bailey Rae♥

The first song of her's I ever heard was her first single Put Your Records On after which I imediatelly fell in love with her^^ This song and the video always make me smile and warm my heart.

Another song which I must show you because I love it so much as well and together with the video is extraordinary is If I Don't, which Corinne sings with another great artist Amp Fiddler. What do you think of this video?;)

And one more song, from her last CD - Paris Nights/ New York Mornings

Isn't she gorgeous?


  1. I love her songs too and for once her name is one that I remember from the radio.

    The 2nd video is unique and fun...

  2. Yesss, show your looooove ^0^ As I said, she is amazingly beautiful and I'm glad that you showed those videos (though the last one isn't available in my freaking country, son of a bitch!! sorry, but I'm seriously fed up with that =.= what's wrong with watching a video in Germany?? or elsewhere for that matter) because I wanted to check her out and forgot ^.^ I never listen to radio, so I don't know any Western artists, to tell the truth... Her music isn't something I usually listen to, but the songs belong to the kind that make you want to listen once more and once more and then you end up loving them till the end of your life ^^ (same as Anneke van Giersbergen, by the way) The first video is absolutely lovely, reminds me of all the beautiful summer days I had ^.^ The second makes me a bit puzzled WHY they have those ugly creatures that look like intestines or asses with titts o.O Does it have something to do with the song??
    I love the poll ^0^ Should make something like that too, unfortunately I can't post movies of Maura to show her awesomness =.=
    I wanted to vote for sweet first, because I can literally smell fudge when I look at the girl, but I voted for something else ^^

  3. @Bubbles Ooh, I'm happy you like her^^ I always think she's not famous enough:P

    @Tanuki Some videos are not available in Poland as well, so, yeah, son of a bitch! I don't think the creatures in the second video have anything to do with the song. It's about love and they're... bacteria? I personally love the video, hehe. But it's surprising, that's why I'm curious what others think of it^^

  4. I had heard the first song in a music videos channel some time ago and liked it. Thanks for reminding me the name of the song, I will download it right now! ^^
    Second video is crazy hahaha XD

  5. I have never heard of her but have to say after listening to the clips here have to say she is amazing thanks so much for sharing with us

  6. I love Corinne! I first heard her song (her first single) when one of my friends put it in her profile page in facebook. She has a very lovely and 'soul'ful voice :) Oh! I also think that she has a unique middle name... and that's what makes me remember her more :)
    By the way, the second clip is quite weird, hahaha.

  7. Aaaw, more people love Corinne:D Happy! Hehehe.