Monday, October 3, 2011

Been there, done that... Vilnius, Lithuania

Having a summer house halfway between Warsaw and Vilnius, I've been planning to go to Lithuanian capital for many years... butin the end I always stayed in my summer house and didn't go further. In the last weekend of September I finally made my plan work, I went to Vilnius by bus from Warsaw and spent two lovely days at our neighbours. Look what I've seen and what I ate together with a friend who went with me:)


  1. *.* I really loved the last one!

    PS. Qué bien que mis comentarios si aparecen en tu blog °w°

  2. Some really lovely photos here my favourite is the last one too.......
    or maybe the fifth one damn so hard to choose.......

  3. It seems like such a great place to travel :D

  4. Lovely Photos Aga... You are real Traveler and Photographer :) I wish to see these places too one day, may be with you :) xoxox

  5. Very lovely photos. The mermaid is my favorite. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  6. wow, I can't believe in my own eyes! :D My city and views. So happy to hear people are visitng and leaving with great memories, like one Australian woman we met. I love my city too, because of the Old town.
    And I see there are more people who said such nice words. I'm proud of my city ;D
    Hopefully you will come again :)