Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A giveaway goes to...

It's past 12 which means the day is over and I could close the givaway 'contest'.
First, I wrote the names on a pieces of paper.

Then I put them in a box.

I closed the box, shook it, and drew a piece of paper on which was written...

So, the givaway goes to Maria from Penpals, Postcards and Swaps.


  1. ohhh lucky me :D Thank you-Thank you!!!! I'll send you a private message right now!

  2. Sharonita, no lloras:P, te mandare un sobre (pintado y no usado) porque eres mi penpal;)

    Congratulations Maria, I hope you'll like them 'in reality':)

  3. OK :D I'm happy now!

  4. Hi Aga! I have your beautiful envelopes here, they are what I call 'ART'. I also like the postcard, writing papers, address labels and note pad you sent me! All is pretty. Muchisimas gracias, mem puso muy contenta tu sobre! :D

  5. Good to know they reached their destination:)