Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fonchito y la luna by Mario Vargas Llosa

I had a bad day. So what did I do to improve my mood? The answer is simple if someone knows me a little - I went to the bookstore. I was wandering among bookshelves and stopped by L. There stood rows of Mario Vargas Llosa beautiful Polish editions. He's one of my favourite writers. But unlike other of his political or humorous erotic novels, this short story he wrote for children. It's very short, it doesn't even take ten minutes to read it all. But it's so charming:)
It's about a little boy who likes a little girl in his school. He asks her if he could kiss her in the cheek but she sais that she'll allow him to do it only if he gives her the moon. Impossible?;)
My problems didn't disappear but a smile appeared on my mouth when I read this magical tale:) Like someone gave a moon to me too:)


  1. Interesting! But I don't think the story is available in my country for me to know the ending :( Anyway, sometimes I read children stories too or teenager, just for a change and I like it :)

  2. That sounds so sweet and such a nice quick read. Sometimes you just need that.