Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hearty CD swap

I did a CD swap with lovely tanuki and I got from her a wonderful CD with music of artists that I never heard of. Artists from all over the world singing in many different languages. I enjoyed whole CD but I cannot present all songs here. So I'll share my top 3^^

Number 1 is a song of Susheela Raman with an influence of Tamil music. She's my new love now!^^ Unfortunatelly it seems she doesn't have official video of the song... at least I couldn't find it in YouTube. But the song is so beautiful that it doesn't need anything more than sound;)

On the second position is a song of a Russian singer, Алёна Апина (Alena Apina). I am learning Russian so you can guess I love the sound of the language. This unfortunatelly doesn't mean I understand all the lyrics...yet!;)

And in the end, although the decision was hard because there were so many interesting songs to chose from, let me show you a Singaporian band that mixes Malay music with hip hop  - Ahli Fiqir. I generally like the mixes of styles so it caught my attention:)

Okay, a blog is not a YouTube so I won't post more songs here:P
One more big thank you to tanuki for introducing these artists to me, most probably I wouldn't discover them alone:)

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  1. Cool love hearing songs I have not heard before thanks for sharing