Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just a thought

Do you think words have colors?


  1. I believe they do, I've only travelled to a few countries in my life but I feel I've travelled the world with the descriptions.

    In book you imagine the setting

    and so much more...

  2. Oh, I haven't thought about it this way:D I was thinking more as of separate words, as I sometimes think of a word and it has some color to me. But I love your interpretation:D It's wider and very true too:D

  3. This is not something I have ever thought about before but after reading this I have sat back and had think about it and yes I do think words have colours.

    When I think of some words certain colours come to mind such as death/black, angels/soft white etc

  4. They do! And they have shapes as well! When you think about the word "autumn" how do you picture it inside your head? This is probably one of the simplest examples but there are more. How do you picture melancholia? I can't help it, I always picture it in cold colours, maybe pale blue... Words have colors, shapes, meanings, definitions. Each word is a small world. You could write endlessly about one word. I love words!

  5. Melancholia is violet-blue:P I also think names have colors too!
    Joana is cherry red for example^^