Thursday, December 2, 2010


Couple of days ago I finished reading a very scary, mysterious and keeping in tension novel of Bram Stoker from 1897. That wasn’t a first book about vampires that was ever written but surely the most significant one, because who hasn’t heard of Count Dracula?

The story starts in Transylvania, where a young lawyer Jonathan Harker is sent to accomplish formalities of real estate transaction with Count Dracula in his castle. At first nothing announces horrifying scenes that Harker is going to experience, the Count is very hospitable and polite, but soon the young man realizes he’s imprisoned. Somehow he manage to escape, but it’s just the beginning of his troubles.

The novel consists of pieces of diaries and letters of main characters, affected by Dracula’s arrival to England, so we can see the story in the eyes of all of them. There are also pieces of newspapers describing essential events connected with vampire’s malice actions. It’s a totally absorbing, frightful and worth reading book.


  1. I haven't read this as I can't get into these types of books but I once saw a short clip of the film and it really drew me in even though it felt like it was going on forever. I need to do some book reviews myself but always get side tracked posting other things.

  2. I never read this kind of books either and I wasn't sure if I'll like it, but surprisingly I do a lot:D I now even consider checking on some other horror stories:>

    Although I found the way of talking of the main characters a bit annoying, but well, that's what people talked like in 19th century.

    Maybe you'll be able to squeeze somewhere in your blog the reviews. Although you always have so many ideas:)