Monday, December 6, 2010

Nicolas Day

Yes, it's today. A very important day for kids, for adults not so much. That is because at night of 5th to 6th December Saint Nicolas puts little gifts for kids under the pillows or inside the slippers (depends on the house, he always put MY gifts under the pillow). It is a foretaste of Christmas.

Now my mum replaced him and gave me two books. Unfortunatelly one is out of my interest, because it's a biography of a man, whose travel books I really love, but I cannot stand himself for his radical political views and open manifest against homosexuals (whoever knows me, knows how sensitive I am on this topic, or any other form of intolerance). So, no, I don't want to read about that.

The second book I got is a book of a German author - Steffen Moller, who is living in Poland. I already read other his book, where he made his observations about Poles - the culture, mentality, habits and compared us with Germans. The book was witty and pointed out the things about Polish that I haven't even realised they might be surprising for others as I don't even think about them daily, they're natural for me. The new book is more about his personal experiences in both counries than just Poles in general, which might be interesting as well.

The book was only published in Poland and in Germany (under the title "Vita Classica").

Like I needed more books;P My bookshelf is straining under the books I haven't yet had a chance to read! But, well, what can I say, I am happy :D


  1. One never can have enough books, hehe!! :)
    I love such kind of books as well, comparing cultures. I read severals about different countries and find it very interesting and fascinating - also about the German culture. Like you, i discovered different quirks that i didn't realize are typical German at all. :)

  2. That's true :)
    I like the books comparing cultures as well. We had a program in TV once in which forigners living in Poland were comparing living here to living there and it was so fun and interesting.