Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Show me on a Tuesday... your music collection

Hah, I'm late again with Tuesday entry of Bubbles Show me on a Tuesday. But as they say, better late than not at all :) So... my music collection looks like that.

Most of these were bought long time ago. I don't really buy much CD's nowadays. And on the other photo you can see CD's I got from my penpals.

Divididos is an Argentinian rock band which I fell in love with as soon as I heard it <3

The other CD's are mixes, but I'll just show you the most interesting singers.
From my Portuguese penpal I got to know Dazkarieh.

And from my American penpal - Rilo Kiley

Thank you girls and boy, I probably would never heard of them without you :)


  1. Your collection is so neat, mine are just stuffed into a drawer and I never even look at it but its tempted me to listen to all of them again.

    I will listen to the clips you posted later as I'm in the living room and the TVs on so I can't hear it properly.

    I finally found on blogger help how to get the codes so I've ordered my widget/icon thing to go with this theme :). So hopefully I'll have that ready for next time.

  2. Aw, I love swapping music with pals ^^ You can discover so much indeed ^^ Everybody likes Dazkarieh, hehe ^^ I want to get their last CD sometime soon on amazon ^^

  3. Wow, you have a lot of music! that's cool! =D
    I'm preparing a music cd for you ;)

  4. I couldn't listen to the last 2 as the won't load but the first ones quite interesting... it makes me so curious to know what he's singing about. I have had friends send me music from there country, the nicest one was egyptian.

  5. @ Bubbles Wow, I never thought the day will come when the word neat will be used in the same sentence with me:P I don't know what would happen to the CD's if not the CD stand, they'd probably be all around the room, or the house. I often sit with my laptop in the living room and can't see videos immediatelly as well. I came back to see yours today. Oh, the icon will be nice, it's gonna be more visible that it's your project;)

    @ Tanuki I had no idea about the existence of Dazkarieh before, but when I looked for some information about them in the Internet it turned out they visit Poland every now and then, mostly they take part in folk festivals. But these aren't rather something lots of people go to so they're not well known. Are they well known in Germany?

    @ Sharon Unfortunatelly, big part of these CD's makes me wonder why the hell did I get them? I had some weird taste of music in the past. Not that I have totally good one nowadays:P But I have some of Polish hip hop CD's there which is ridiculous. I'm preparing a CD for you too. I just must replace all the songs in Spanish to others:P

  6. @ Bubbles again. The song is about a herdsman and about sorrows. It's so beautiful song, on my top list of favourites:) And I love the singer's voice.

    Oh that's a pity the other videos didn't open. They're really nice and the Portuguese one is really specific. But I couldn't open 2 in your post too:(

    Oh, I'd love to hear Egiptian music. Music in Arabic and in Persian sounds so great. I was even once thinking about taking Arabic classes because I love how the language sounds but I went for Russian after all which seems easier and I like how it sounds too.

  7. Hahaha ok, I understand.
    I have weird taste of music too XD well, how can I explain? the thing is that I put more attention on the sound of the instruments and the rythm, each one makes me feel different emotions. In second place is the voice of the singer XD and finally the lyrics of the song hehe. That's why I love soundtracks =3
    On the other hand, I don't listen to classical music... yeah, my preferences are a bit complicated hehe @.@U

  8. =D I really liked the song of Dazkarieh!!

  9. I like different music in different way. If it's to dance then I don't care much about text, just about rhythm. If it's something not to dance then the voice, text and music itself are all important:) But I guess the text is still not the most important thing because I can like songs in other languages where I don't understand a single word.

    I only can listen to classical music if it's in the background, like in ballet or in a movie. I couldn't just sit still and listen to classical music or listen to it in the radio. I wonder if it's not partly because of school times, because we HAD TO go to concerts with classical music once a month. Everyone hated it. When I now think of philharmony it reminds me that.

  10. Oh wow, when it comes to songs, a different language (one that I don't understand) has its own special charm for me ^^ Lately I expected a song to be in Mandarin, but it turned out to be an aboriginal language of Taiwan, it was really cool! I prefer melody over rhythm, but rhythms can be so fascinating as well... and I prefer female voices over male ^^ Dazkarieh is not famous in Germany, I guess, but they travel around quite a bit... The singer is another subtle beauty, hehe ^^ I know them from our friend too ^^<3