Friday, December 31, 2010

Girl with Golden Panties by Juan Marse

The action of the book takes place in late 70’s in south of Spain. Luys Forest, an old writer, who strongly supported Franco’s dictatorship, and used to be an official chronicler in his regime, goes to his house by the sea to write an autobiography, settle accounts with his past and exculpate himself. His lonely stay is disturbed by the arrival of his twenty something years old hippie, impertinent niece, Marina, who comes to make an article about her uncle and offers him help with typing out his book. Through the chapters and evening talks of the two of them we get to know Forest’s past, in which he conscientiously changes or adds some facts. Or so he thinks. During her stay with Forest, Marina tries to seduce him. She invites lovers of both genders, smokes weed and takes amphetamine, walks naked around the house, and asks him intimate questions. When she finally achieves her goal, the truth of who they really are to each other comes to light.

The novel is filled with subtle eroticism, however the main plot constitute contemplations of Forest, in which the truth mingles with fiction, the memory plays tricks on man’s mind, the lies cover reality. A good read.

PS. I post a Polish book cover because I like the design.


  1. Oh I'm so curious about this story now... but I have 3 books sitting by my side that I haven't even started yet.

  2. I always have the same dillema. I wish I could read some book I heard of, but there are always some other books I have at hand (in which I am also interested of course).

  3. O__o You read very fast! woooo truth and fiction! sounds interesting!
    God, I´m very slow at reading hahaha.

    (NEW! I sent you a birthday gift today ;D)

  4. Fast? I thought it was slow. It wasn't a fat book.


  5. oh yes, I can relate to the dilemma issue ^.^ I'm reading something about literature and translation that mentions a lot of books I'd like to read! When will I manage to read them all?! @.@ However, I think the plot of this novel sounds intriguing... I will let you know when I read a book that you recommended ^^

  6. It is intriguing :) But, too many books in the world, not enough time for them all. Huh. If you read any of these, come back to share your opinion :)