Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moscow City Ballet

On Sunday I went for "The Nutcracker" performed by Moscow City Ballet. It's such a magical story. It's about a girl who falls asleep on a Christmas Eve night and in her dream the toys become alive. The Nutcracker changes into a prince and saves her from the Mouse King. They travel through the Land of Flowers and visit Spain, Arabia, China and Russia were they see the typical dances of these countries. It's such beautiful and colorful performance. Plus the amazing music. I knew some pieces of the music although I never realized they were from "The Nutcracker".

Moscow City Ballet was founded in 1988 and they're considered one of the best ballet groups in the world. They travel a lot, performing in different countries, so you might have a chance to see them as well ;)

The only thing I didn't like was the amount of children that came to see it. They didn't know what's going on and constantly asked their parents questions and commented loundly every now and then. Ugh. I understand that that people want their kids to have contact with culture but come on, if they're too small to understand the story and they get bored with it, why not wait wait couple of years when they will get it?

All in all, not to end with complaining I must say I enjoyed the ballet and loved the costumes, the music and every step made on the scene.


  1. I love the theatre but hardly go, I love their performances in this clip of their various plays. I admire their work so much as I never in a million years would be able to do that or even be fit enough to do any of it... it looks amazing.

  2. OMG, we were just talking about it, me & hubby, there is a troup performing The Nutcracker here, but I bet it's not the Moscow City Ballet and we most probably won't be here, but one day we'll see it! The music is magic indeed! I prefer Stravinskij to Tchaikovskij (I'd loooooove to see the Sacre du Printemps ballet once), but nevertheless ^^ Anyway, I envy you and I'm happy that you could see it ^^
    I know what you mean about children, my mother also always brought me to concerts (she worked in the Philharmony back in the SU) and luckily I was a very quiet child, but mostly I was bored... ^.^ I think they should wait until they really can enjoy it!

  3. by the way, I recommend this ~

  4. Lovely cartoon :D And oh, poor nutcracker, he was so depressed when he saw his reflection:(

    I only saw Swan Lake and Bayadera besides this and Swan Lake is my number one so far. But I want to see the other ballets. It's just not so cheap to go often.