Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Viva Cuba!

Today I went to Pasion de Buena Vista concert. I saw a poster advertising this concert some two moths ago, when driving to university. As I love Buena Vista Social Club, I bought tickets straight away. I was so excited about it all the time. And finally the day has come! I loved every minute of the concert. There was so much energy in their music, and so many emocions in the ballads sang by Inocente "Pachin" Fernandez-Jimenez.

After a concert I bougth a CD and got an autograph from Pachin! and from another singer whose name is Marieta (I couldn't find her full name). I am so happy because of it! It's my first ever autograph of a musician, and of so great one! That was a joyful day :)


  1. Hoooooooooooo that's cool =D
    I like the last song that says "besame mucho~"
    I heard it in several versions hehehe.

  2. I've never been to a concert before but I do love the theatre. Its nice you got an autograph to as it makes the memories of the night special.

  3. @Sharon: I like the song too, it's so beautiful.

    @Bursts of Bubbles: This concert was actually in a theatre, which was a bit uncomfortable because we had to sit when the body wanted to move :P

  4. Awww, I also love Buena Vista Social Club!! :) It's such a romantic, passionate and good-mood music. :) My favourite song is "Veinte Anos".

  5. I love that one too:) I can't decide which one is my favourite song as they are all so beautiful. I also like "Dos gardenias" and "Silencio". They put so much emotion in their songs, I can rarely see that nowadays.