Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Show me on a Tuesday... your favourite drink

Hello on a next Tuesday with Burst's of Bubbles. Today's entry is about drinks. My favourite drinks are:

  1. Hot drink: Tea! - I cannot live without it. I drink 1-2 litres of tea every day! When I watch a movie at home or when I write a letter or I do something on a computer or I read a book... I must have tea. My favourite is simply Earl Grey with a slice of lemon. I ocasionally drink flavoured fruity tea too. The "special edition" of my standard Earl Grey with lemon is Earl Grey with lemon, lime, grapefruit and brown sugar of which once a friend told me and it's really the best tea ever!

Surprisingly, when I am thirsty I must drink something cold. Hot drinks (even if it's tea) don't satissfy my thirst. Therefore I mostly drink water, but whenever I can I drink...

2. Cold drink: Grapefruit juice! - must be freshly squeezed of course. Sometimes I mix it with orange but I prefer plain one. I don't like ready juices that you can buy at shops and I only drink them ocationally when I visit someone. The same goes with soda's - only when I visit someone. Although I must admit when I go to some hot place for vacation I suddenly start liking coke O.o

3. Alcoholic drink: Mojito! - the taste of it is heavenly. I don't drink it much though because in most places they don't serve it and if they eventually do, it's not good. So, the only option is to make it by myself at home or order when on vacation in some other country (I don't go that much abroad :P). Ah, and it must be with soda water, not with sprite! With limes, not with lemon or with any substitute of lemon juice! And with brown sugar, not with white!

I just realized all my favourite drinks include citrus fruits :)

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  1. Thanks again for this suggestion, for joining me in this weeks theme and I really enjoyed reading your entry. I've never tried grapefruit juice so I'll have to one day.

  2. Do try:) It's delicious. Though it's a bit bitter so not everyone likes it, but you can always add some orange juice to make it more suave:)

  3. I like Cranberry Juice so I can't imagine it being all that much different.

  4. Oh wow, I also love tea and grapefruit juice ^0^ It's too sour for most of the people I know, but I love it ^.^ Unfortunately Tuesday and Wednesday are my busiest days, so I hardly can follow those show me thingies... Maybe I'll just do it on another day ^.^